6 Relaxing Spas to Treat Yourself in Phoenix

Relaxation is a right we all should exercise, but some of us need a little more than lying back on the couch for a Friday night flick. When you’re in need of serious pampering, there’s a list of options in a city like Phoenix. Just have a look at the list below to check out some relaxing spas where you can treat yourself.

Arizona Grand Resort & Spa

8000 Arizona Grand Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85044

Everyone knows that the epicenter of pampering and relaxation is a good resort hotel, and that’s true of the Arizona Grand, for certain. Between amenities like golf and their athletic club, there are already various ways to unwind, but their spa offers loads more: massage treatments, facials, and salon services are all good places to start when treating yourself at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa. So, if you’re really looking to pamper yourself, this is by far one of the best spas in Phoenix!

Lazy Bee Spa

401 W Clarendon Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85013

Housed in the Clarendon Hotel, this solid midtown spa has earned itself nothing but 5-star ratings on Google for the way people are left feeling satisfied, relaxed, and even rejuvenated. The experts at Lazy Bee work with various skin types and use knowledge of great products to provide fantastic facials or smooth massages, alongside actual skin treatments and more!

Madison Avenue Salon & Day Spa

15210 S 50th St STE 150, Phoenix, AZ 85044

That’s right, you’re seeing double. Not only does this locale double as a salon with nail and hair service catering to men and women alike — Madison Avenue also offers spa services. Waxing, facials, and chemical peels make up some of those offerings, and here at Madison Avenue, you can select from a variety of inclusion packages, including the short and sweet “Refresh”, sporting the bare essentials: an Express Facial, a Mini Pedicure, and a Shampoo & Style.

Exhale CBD Spa

12020 S Warner Elliot Loop #123, Phoenix, AZ 85044

Invigorating body scrubs made with CBD? Professional estheticians giving you the skincare you deserve? Does it get any better? It’s hard to say because Exhale CBD Spa does what they do so well, making them one of the best spas in Phoenix! Using full-spectrum CBD oil or getting a full-body Hawaiian sugar scrub to promote skin health is just one of the many ways you can choose to enjoy yourself at Exhale. Know that you’re safe here, too — Exhale CBD Spa takes cleanliness seriously and is taking various measures to help you relax while being cautious to actively protect patrons from the Coronavirus pandemic.

CLOVR Life Spa

100 E Camelback Rd Suite 144, Phoenix, AZ 85012

CLOVR offers a lot. From their exceptionally charming mid-century decor to the Chill Lounge, a dedicated meditation spot, their location is dedicated to bringing people the best in relaxation. Free add-on options like a proprietary cooling ointment, lavender-infused lotion, or warm salt stones can be added to your massage treatment to really complete the experience, and join the Living Room for socialization after you’ve done your relaxing.

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