10 Tweets About Coronavirus That Are Giving Us Life During This Pandemic

We know that with a change of the everyday comes uncertainty. But the best thing for anyone in the face of uncertainty is something that can make them laugh. Thankfully, Twitter is teeming with people who all have something funny to say about the current coronavirus situation, all to put it into perspective. Here are 10 funny tweets about the coronavirus we found to lighten the mood!

Cash Me Outside

Anyone remember Bhad Bhabie? (Yes, that’s her stage name, and yes, it’s terrible.) Well, the famous catchphrase from her appearance on Dr. Phil is making a comeback to represent all the people who just seem to not care about social distancing.

coronavirus tweets

Thanks for the Update

We almost always opt into corporation email lists for the extra 10-percent off, whether it’s a restaurant chain or a supermarket. It’s only natural that, come March 2020, we receive updates from every single one detailing how they’re dealing with the outbreak. Now, that’s what we call “service”!

coronavirus tweets

The Will To Live

It may be true that certain generations are known for their negative outlooks and their melodramatic, whimsical mentions of dying. But when life truly hangs in the balance, look at what they can accomplish!

Sick Caroline

There’s a lot of songs out there that mention “touching” of one kind or another. “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond, though, is one of those that seems to hit hard in the days of COVID-19.

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coronavirus tweets


We know what you’re thinking, and yes — some people will be crazy enough to make babies in these trying times. At least we have a name for them now.

coronavirus tweets

Where Grass Is Greener

Funny but true — you always want what you can’t have. Even some of the introverts can get cabin fever during a self-imposed quarantine.

Protection, People!

Coronavirus isn’t the first epidemic we’ve had, and yet strangely, it’s invited more caution among the people of today than some of the deadliest diseases out there. Protective measures are everywhere — just be smart!

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coronavirus tweets


The world is changing due to the fear of the unknown, and there’s a lot at stake for people who don’t establish their boundaries. The novel coronavirus has made people careful. Strangely, though, a few coronas will do just the opposite!

Origin Story

It’s odd, right? We see people stay home when they’re sick all the time. Why should this be any different? Maybe this tweet shares the true origin story of the coronavirus outbreak after all….

Makes Sense

There’s a school of thought that this outbreak has served as a lesson in humility and to not make light of the world’s troubles. Then, there’s the entire internet, determined to keep doing exactly that. You know what camp we’re in!

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