10 Best Driving Songs: A Playlist For Your Daily Commute

Summer is (almost) here and you know what that means?! ROAD TRIPS! I personally have gone on several and I can tell you this, your road trip playlist makes or breaks your trip. Depending on how far you’re traveling and who you’re traveling with, a good road trip playlist is a must. You don’t want to be driving for hours and listening to crappy music.

You need to embrace the drive and jam out to your faves before you get to your destination (if there is one 😉 ) My road trip playlist  contains over 200 songs of a variety of genres and it’s sort of like an emotional rollercoaster to be honest. And if you listen to many genres, sometimes it’s good to have a mix to keep you and your travel partner on your toes. We have compiled a list of the best driving songs to add to your playlist for your daily commute. 

Country Songs

There are so many songs I could have put under this, but these two really get your road trip vibes going. And no, it’s not because they’re about highways or roads….but that definitely helps. Personally I can listen to them anytime, but they put you in the road trip mood for sure. 

“Life is a Highway”- Rascal Flatts

“Dirt Road Anthem” – Jason Aldean

Dance/Pop Songs

We included an older song and a “relatively new” song to in the Pop section. Whitney Houston’s song is arguably one of the best to sing along to when you are driving. Everyone knows the lyrics and it’s a definite pipe breaker lol. And included Justin Timberlake (of course) because it’s just a damn good song to jam to while you’re lost in your thoughts. 

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody”- Whitney Houston

“Can’t Stop the Feeling”- Justin Timberlake

Hip-Hop/Rap Songs

Sometimes you need a break from chill music and rap your heart out. These driving songs will get you excited to travel to the office or school and make you feel like a bad b****, if you know the lyrics 😉

“Chevy Ridin’ High”- Dre

“King James”- R-Mean, Jeremih, Scott Storch

Oldy But a Goody

Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Fleetwood Mac are excellent artists to add to your driving playlist. But, these two songs are a must. Yes, “Dreams” was made popular now by TikTok, but come on…it’s a great addition to ANY playlist. 

“Californiacation”- Red Hot Chilli Peppers

“Dreams”- Fleetwood Mac

Latin Songs

These two songs are a definite must for your road trip playlist. They’re classic and just about everyone knows them and WILL sing their hearts out (regardless if they know the lyrics lol). 

“Subeme La Radio” – Enrique Iglesias

“Vivir Mi Vida” – Marc Anthony

EDM Songs

Not everyone is into EDM but I thought I’d include these tracks because they’re viby but also kind of relaxing to listen to. You can sit back and enjoy driving to work. And of course I had to add Avicii, he’s a legend. You can either just chill or you can belt these songs. 

“Are You With Me” – Lost Frequencies

“Waiting for Love”- Avicii

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