Best Cocktails Bars Near You in Phoenix

You might not consider Phoenix a thirsty town, but the number of outstanding cocktail bars says differently. We rounded up some of the best cocktail bars near you in Phoenix we could find and basically created a craft cocktail itinerary for you. No need to thank us.

Little Rituals | 132 S Central Ave 4th Floor

High quality is the name of the game at Little Rituals, from the decor to the bites menu to the carefully crafted cocktails made with care every single day. The Residence Inn’s 4th-floor bar is the perfect hideout for a stressful day after work, where bartenders will pay special attention to ensure your drink is made with perfection. Sourcing beers from all over the nation, and offering their own line of craft cocktails, wine, and boilermakers, Little Rituals is a Phoenix staple, and easily one of the best cocktail bars around.

From the Rooftop | 222 E Portland St

If you’re searching for the best cocktails near you in Phoenix, we recommend visiting this supreme rooftop lounge.This cocktail bar is complete with a serene pool, sun chairs, and unbeatable views of the city below. Cambria Hotel’s From the Rooftop is as good as it gets in Phoenix. Offering weekly themed nights, including Yoga and Mimosas, Cosmic Cocktail Wednesdays, and Sunset Sessions with local DJs, From the Rooftop is not only a cocktail bar, it’s an experience. 

Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour | 1 W Jefferson St

With eclectic drink offerings served in uniquely styled vessels, including a bathtub with a rubber ducky, Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour is easily the trendiest cocktail bar in Phoenix. The decor is rustic, yet gaudy, with plush, leather seating and modern low lighting. Playing off a magical theme that ties in folklore and fairy tales, Bitter & Twisted brings the ethereal to life with a delicious late-night menu served until 1:30 am. 

UnderTow | 3620 E Indian School Rd

If exotic is your flavor, this place services some of the best cocktails near you accompanied by a subterranean tiki bar that resembles the hull of a pirate ship. You can practically smell the saltwater as you descend into the depths of this timbered bar, riddled with Polynesian statues, fishing nets, and portholes for windows. Reservations are recommended as the space is very limited, but walk-ins are always welcome. 

Lustre Rooftop Bar | 2 E Jefferson St

CityScape’s best cocktail bar near you, Lustre Rooftop Bar offers a carefully curated menu to match the vibe in Downtown Phoenix, including an adult-friendly Capri Sun juice box pouch with rotating flavors. They also offer beer, wine, and grass-fed meat large plates, alongside flatbreads, garden salads, and “nibbles” for when you’re feeling the munchies settle in. The rooftop pool is especially tempting during the summer months, when you can rent a cabana or couch at Lustre Rooftop Bar to complete your experience.

Honor Amongst Thieves | 5538 N 7th St #100

What has to be the coolest name for a bar we’ve ever seen, Honor Amongst Thieves serves up select libations in its 50s-style bar space. The speakeasy vibes you’re getting are not just you—probably due to the subterranean descent you’ll take into this secret, sultry bar, Honor Amongst Thieves is very well-hidden from the city. If you have the pleasure of stumbling upon this low-lit space, make sure you’re dressed fresh so you can get some pics for the ‘gram of the best bar in Phoenix.

The Womack | 5749 N 7th St

A tribute to the now-closed, 60s-era Phoenix staple, Chez Nous, The Womack is one of the best cocktail bars in Phoenix, blending classic cocktails with soulful music for a vintage atmosphere that takes you back to the good ol’ days. Live music and DJ sets come rolling through on a weekly basis, and Happy Hour extends far past workweek hours to 7 pm—what more could you want? Oh, a carefully crafted bites menu to pair well with your Amaretto Sour? They have that, too. 

Sanctum | 718 N Central Ave, Top Floor

So exclusive you can’t even Google it, Sanctum is a speakeasy located in the top half of The Grand, a 24/7 cafe that caters to all. Sanctum is a true, 1920s-style sanctuary, a private rental space for parties and business meetings, and only open to the public on Friday and Saturday nights from 9 pm through midnight. Password-protected, you’ll need to discover the secret word from one of the Grand bartenders before entering.