10 Hilarious Coronavirus Memes That Hit Too Close to Home

It’s hard to keep yourself sane in a time when everyone’s on lockdown. One of the most popular ways to do this is humor — and the COVID-19 outbreak is no different. We found some memes about Coronavirus to help you find the funny and keep you safe inside your home, on the internet where we all belong.

Toilet Paper Prevents Coronavirus

If you’ve ventured to the store in the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen a panic buyer. They’re characterized by a lack of wherewithal and a cart full of toilet paper and bottled water. News flash — COVID-19 doesn’t give you the runs!

It’s All In Your Head

Thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak, a lot of people begin to think about getting sick. And when you think about getting sick, a lot of the time you start to feel sick. Anxiety like this is hard to deal with, but everyone can agree it’s a lot better than getting the real thing.

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The Cure

Short and sweet, this meme simply reminds people that The Cure exists. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

We’re All Introverts Now

The importance of social distancing can’t be over-stressed. That said, some of us have been practicing for a lot longer than others. We’re looking at you, homebodies.

10 Laughable Tweets About the Coronavirus

Are you feeling sad or anxious during the quarantine? These 10 tweets about Coronavirus will give you a more positive outlook on life.

Funny Tweets

Laughing Or Coughing?

You might have given yourself a scare recently if you’ve been reading these memes and laughing too hard. Red alert: laughter is contagious.

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Toilet Paper Crisis

It may be ridiculous in retrospect, but many families are scrambling to steal this convenient product from the shelves and hoard it for themselves like it’s the end of the world. That forces the rest of us to ration and find alternative solutions to the issue.

Travel Much?

Flights, cruises, travel of all kinds have been put to a screeching halt in light of the mandated social distancing. That said, it looks like this cruise to the Bahamas is now only a fraction of the cost…. Enough said!

The Memes That Told The Future

It’s a bit frightening (albeit oddly funny) that as soon as the 2020 memes started mentioning the recurring plagues on this anniversary, we found out about COVID-19. That said, we’re thinking that this may curb the “where’s our plague” jokes for the next century.

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Try Different Jokes

Strangely, all the jokes about a “new plague” to ring in the new year seemed to be a bit prophetic. We think it might be helpful to start joking about world peace next, just to see if it works.

The Dangers Of Costco

The chaos around us means that even a shopping trip becomes a bit unbearable at certain times of day. For Costco, one of the best bulk shopper hubs in the U.S., this is even more true. Be ready to find your cart quickly if you go — it’s practically a jungle out there.

In all seriousness, there are hundreds of things you can do to make time fly by throughout the quarantine. Check out the top things you can purchase on Amazon to make your life easier during this rough time.

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While most large stores are low on goods such as meat, bread, and fruit, there are a variety of things all major stores will never run out of that we recommend purchasing throughout the Coronavirus epidemic.

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