5 Things Supermarkets Will Never Run Out Of, Coronavirus or Not

While supermarkets are emptied of things like canned goods, fruit, veggies, meat, bread, eggs, water, and milk—the major necessities, in our opinion—there are plenty of items still on the shelves that you should also consider. During the coronavirus pandemic, people are buying up whatever they can grab, but there are a few things they’re missing. We’re pretty sure these will almost never run out, so consider stocking up on these other necessities:

1. Dasani Waterbottles

While the shelves are cleared of Ice Mountain and Pellegrino, there’s one brand of waterbottle universally despised that will never leave the shelves: Dasani. That being said, it might be time to change your water tastes and stock up on these while there’s still water bottles available at all.

2. Brooms

Maybe your Swiffer refills are starting to disappear before your eyes; never fear, there’s always the traditional broom to keep your house clean! It gives you something to pass the time, too, since it will take longer to sweep, and you’ll get an exercise in. Win-win.

3. Tampons

Ladies, now has never been a better time to stock up on tampons and pads. The stores are still full of these right now, and we’re a little surprised, but take advantage of this opportunity while you can and make sure your period is comfortable during your self-quarantine.

4. Laundry Detergent

Seems like laundry detergent is the least of everybody’s worries, but why? We suppose that when you’re self-quarantined, perhaps you’re not thinking that your clothes will get dirty, but they still do! Don’t forget about basic hygiene and remember to run loads of laundry during this pandemic.

5. Pet Food

We’re noticing that the pet food isn’t running out too quickly, which is a good thing for our fur friends. Don’t forget about them in the midst of this crisis! Pick up a larger back this time to ensure you have enough food for a few weeks, rather than making your regular quick runs for last-minute bags of pet food.

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