10 Memes You’ll Only Understand if You Live in Arizona

Here in the Copper State, we’ve got some unique facts, features, and inside jokes —  including our “dry heat”. With them comes an understanding about the way of life we’ve built. We have created a list of memes you will only understand without fail if you live in Arizona. And if you don’t, welcome to our way of life.

Walk-In Specials

Come summer, there aren’t enough ways to get a decent cool-down. This might be a good one for businesses really looking for more foot traffic… even if it’s in the freezer.

Monsoon Season

Anyone in Arizona knows that “Monsoon Season”, when it comes in late summer, is a sight to behold. This meme portrays our obsession of taking a countless number of photos of the copious rainfall that comes almost nightly.

Anti-Theft Device

A car with no A/C is a death trap waiting to happen in Arizona — and given this, one surefire way to prevent car theft is to let it be known that you don’t have A/C anyway.


It’s official, Arizona has the worst time dealing with rain — since nobody here is vetted for inclement weather. Still, if you’re not driving, you might just welcome the rain.

“Real Heat”

This meme illustrates a legend that says if you say the words, “It’s so hot out,” a person from Arizona will appear and tell you that you don’t know what “real heat” is. Spooky, right?

A Change of Season

Another way of putting it is this: we have 9 months of summer, and 3 months of winter. Count ‘em.

A Dry Heat

It’s a real thing: the dry heat in Phoenix and other cities in Arizona means that there’s less moisture in the air. This means that sweating actually does cool you off, unlike more humid states. On the other hand, this meme depicts the reality of daily life when the temperature reaches 115 degrees. The dry heat doesn’t really help all that much.

You Mean It Won’t Be Sunny?

Arizonans pray silently each day that the sun rises, hoping against all hope for a cloud or two. If hurricane season came to Arizona… well, let’s just say it’s all a “matter of perspective”.

Pumpkin Spice Season

As we mentioned, there is no “fall” in Arizona. So what constitutes the transition to Pumpkin Spice season? As this meme emphasizes, residents in the state do not make the transition to Pumpkin Spice season until the thermometer stops reading triple digits for a week.

Another Perk

It may not be the most obvious benefit of living in Arizona, but it’s a fact. You never have to have that horror movie moment happen to you!

Featured Image Credit: Ralph Nicolay on Pixabay

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