6 Most Unique Cocktails You’ll Find in Chicago

There’s no better way to end a week than grabbing a cocktail with a friend at a one-of-a-kind Chicago bar. These six drinks are super unique, and their ingredients range from hard candy to egg whites. They’re best for the adventurous types who crave trying new things. Give one of these a try when you need to switch up your routine.



Vicious Virgin @ Three Dots and a Dash

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Paying homage to the legendary bartenders of the past, Three Dots and a Dash is a tiki bar swimming in unique, fun cocktails. One of their pleasant features is the Vicious Virgin, a Blanco Tequila, Mango Brandy, Mezcal Lime, pineapple, Butterfly Pea Tea, and orgeat, sloshed together and poured into an intricate pineapple glass. Tucked inside is a sweet pineapple, followed with a swirling purple straw.



Poetic Nature @ Cindy’s


As you enjoy the beautiful view of the rooftop bar Cindy’s, also enjoy a quirky cocktail. One of their most thrilling drinks is their plantation xaymaca rum, dubonnet rouge, apricot, grapefruit, lime, and cane sugar blend, called Poetic Nature. It’s a fruity potion sprinkled in citrus flavor that provides a rich balance.


Chartreuse Cocktails @ The Aviary

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The underground speakeasy under the Aviary, 955 W. Fulton Market, can serve up any cocktail for your specific tastes (ask for the “Dealer’s Choice”). The speakeasy known as The Office serves chartreuse, a special liqueur made by a group of French monks. The recipe is centuries old and is kept a secret among those in the monastery. The Office serves up green or yellow chartreuse, the yellow being milder and sweeter. Go for a chartreuse cocktail if you want a delightfully exclusive experience.


Cotton Candy Martini @ Carnivale

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This sweet cocktail is a different take on a martini. Served at Carnivale, it would be great as a special treat at the end of a long week. Get your camera ready when it comes out because the waitress will pour the combination of Belvedere vodka, fresh lime juice, and fresh grapefruit juice over a puff of cotton candy, which will disintegrate before your eyes. For those of you with a sweet tooth, this martini will hit the spot.


Watermelon Margarita @ Bar Takito

For a twist on a traditional margarita, try this lovely drink in the West Loop at Bar Takito. Not only does it have tequila, but it blends watermelon, with lime, and black sea salt used frequently in Peruvian cuisine. Topped on this heavenly and stylish margarita is a slice of watermelon.


Sumo Mary @ Sunda

Sunda, a River North gem has the most loaded Bloody Mary you will find at brunch joints in Chicago. Not only is the tomato juice and vodka garnished with a ridiculous number of extras, but the toppings are also not what you would call typical. The savory beverage comes complete with a full meal on top, including tocino grilled cheese, steamed duck bao bun, crab handroll, crispy pork belly, wok-fired shishito peppers, applewood bacon, sunda potatoes, lumpia, takuan, and kai-lan.

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