Try These DIY Crafts With Your Kids While You’re Stuck at Home

A lot of us are wondering what we can do to keep our kids busy during this 2020 COVID-19 quarantine. In this time of struggle and confusion, it is important to keep our minds, bodies, and souls cleansed with fun and interactive activities for our youth. A busy mind results in an educational approach for our little ones at home who are unable to practice social interaction at this time.

Although it is easy to throw on your child’s favorite TV show or games on a tablet, providing a structure of learning curves with DIY crafts will keep your kids busy from boredom and fatigue while they are limited for the next few weeks.


If you joined in on the world-wide panic of lack of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, you are probably fully stocked with some supplies you didn’t think about using.

Now, keep in mind that you do not need to necessarily participate in the pandemic of racing to the convenience store to purchase items that you may or may not have. It is still important to keep you and your loved ones safe from large crowds that create a higher risk of catching this respiratory disease.


Here are some family-friendly DIY crafts for kids to keep your mind off the pandemic. While you’re at it, recycle those gently used items you bought recently at the store!

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Toilet Paper Roll Rainstick

We know for a fact that you all are stocked up on toilet paper. This easy craft takes most of us adults back to our younger, simpler years. In light of current events and now that we’re rolling into spring, this DIY craft will keep your children’s imagination running. The best part? This activity only requires 3 supplies: toilet paper rolls (after you’ve used them—no one is insinuating that you should deplete your hoarded stash), tape, and rice! To make their rainstick’s unique, you can add stickers, construction paper, or rhinestones to the outside. No two sticks are alike! For step-by-step instructions on how to create your own in your home, visit Happiness is Homemade.


Tissue Box Bird Houses

The COVID-19 virus is no joke when it comes to your immune system and flu-like symptoms. If you have been feeling a little under the weather recently, you more than likely have a few empty tissue boxes lying around. This quick and easy DIY craft idea for kids will be a great addition to your family’s outdoor living spaces, gardens, and backyard trees. These are hard times, not just for us, but for our wildlife as well. You could give a bird a new home. This craft only requires a few supplies: tissue box, glue, some sort of stick (popsicle sticks, toothpicks, kabob sticks), paint, and safety scissors.

Whale Pool Toy

During this time, one of the few things we can do is look forward to positive dates and events coming up in our near future. One of those is a favorite season for most of us: summer! Summertime calls for outdoor fun, playing at the playground, and hitting your local swimming pool to let out some energy. This is an excellent craft to do at home with your kids to prepare for the summer. This requires only 2 supplies: an emptied-out hand sanitizer gallon jug and a pair of scissors! To make this more festive, add some glitter or googly eyes to make your pool toy come alive! Crafty Morning can give you tips and tricks to help you make this DIY craft right at home!



Looking for a few more projects to tackle? Upparent is an amazing resource for families looking for things to do at home and in Chicago.



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