How to Emotionally Prepare For Tomorrow’s Cubs Game

It’s been a wild ride for our beloved Chicago Cubs over the last year. Following a historic 108-year long drought, last season’s World Series win has kept Chicago fans riding high and hoping for a second shot this year.

After last night’s anxiety inducing NLDS championship, the Cubbies will face off with the LA Dodgers in the first round of the National League Championship Series tomorrow night. And with the West Coast team currently favorited to win, we can feel our nerves ramping up already.

So in a – probably futile – attempt to keep our sanity, here’s a list of ways for fans to emotionally prepare for tomorrow’s Cubs game.




Step 1: Wear as much Cubbie blue as possible

Cubs NLCS game
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Note: not to be confused with Dodger blue.

Don your Cub’s hats, jerseys, t-shirts and face paint pre-game time at 7:00pm tomorrow night.


Step 2: Hum “Go Cubs Go” all day for good luck

Cubs NLCS game
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Get in the game-day mood with Chicago’s favorite tune.


Step 3: Hide all W flags so you don’t jinx the team

Cubs NLCS Game
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If anyone so much as breathes the word “win” before the 3rd out of the bottom of the 9th they are dead to us.


Step 4: Stock up snacks

Cubs NLCS game
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Nothing quite like stress eating to sooth an anxious Cubs fan.


Step 5: Drink

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Self explanatory.


Step 6: Pray that some higher power takes out the Dodgers… and the Astros… and the Yankees…

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Look, the Cubs have a good chance here, just check out our predictions for their season overall.

But honestly, we have quite the postseason competition ahead of us and all we’re saying is that it wouldn’t be horrible if say, the Dodger’s suddenly all forgot how to hold a bat, or something.


Step 7: Pregame with last year’s World Series game 7

Cubs NLCs
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Stay calm and just remember: we’ve been here before, we got this.



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