7 Dangerous Intersections to Avoid in Chicago

Big city driving can be a doozy, especially for newcomers. Your head basically has to be on a swivel to watch out for buses, bicyclists, crazy drivers, and everything in between. But there are a few dangerous intersections in Chicago that are particularly stressful. Check out this roundup and try to keep your cool next time you’re cruising through one of these locations. 

Cicero and I-55

Catching a flight? This intersection sees an influx of travelers heading to and from Midway International Airport. Be sure to follow traffic laws when passing through—this location is home to one of the most profitable red light cameras in the city. Lovely!


Belmont and Kedzie

This dangerous intersection located under the Kennedy underpass is hard to avoid. It’s horrible for drivers thanks to limited visibility and has been compared to a blackhole. Vehicles enter and exit the expressway seemingly out of nowhere. Keep your eyes peeled through this one, folks. 


Western Avenue at Peterson Avenue

Pop quiz: what do you get when you mix several lanes of traffic on a major road with busy car dealerships? Answer: An extremely dangerous intersection in Chicago. When passing through town here, watch out for brake lights and careless drivers.


Stony Island and South Chicago

White knuckles, anyone? This intersection is quite dangerous due to the fact that six lanes meet the 79th avenue at a diagonal intersection. There’s also the link to the Chicago Skyway so you’ve got an added layer of dubious out-of-towners. Drive with caution!


Irving Park, Cicero, and Milwaukee

Whether you’re walking, biking, or driving, this 6-point intersection in Chicago just plain sucks. Maybe it’s the bustling shopping centers or the weird side streets. Whatever it is, just take it nice and easy through this area and try not to panic. 


North, Damen and Milwaukee

And Wicker Park’s award for worst intersection goes to…Damen and Milwaukee! Here’s why: lots of (un)cool kids that can’t be bothered to use the crosswalks. The 6-point, “oh shit what do I do here” exchange. PSA: slow down, don’t be a dick, and you’ll be fine.


Lincoln and Clark

Let’s face it: diagonal roads are hard. For everyone. Drivers, bicyclists, rollerbladers, scooterists, you get it. Lincoln and Clark is an intersection that is notorious for having too much traffic and no bike lanes. It is extremely dangerous for those on two-wheels. 


Worst Intersections Chicago Featured Image Credit: David Mark on Pixabay

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