Combining Museums and Beer: The Chicago Brewseum

Sure, most Chicagoans love drinking beer and going to a bar, but have you ever wondered about the history behind what you’re drinking?

The founder of The Chicago Brewseum, Liz Garibay, and her team did, and they’re making their unique vision a reality.

That vision is simple: Create a modern, educational museum that focuses on teaching visitors and residents about the history and culture of their favorite drink. The idea includes floor plans, exhibits, and classrooms. The Chicago Brewseum will be in a LEED re-purposed historic building, centrally located in a Chicago neighborhood.

Here’s the details on the floor plan:

Floor One: The Brewseum Bar

This floor will allow visitors to sample their favorite craft beer and food from around the world. Most of the beers will be made by brewers from around the country, making them just as authentic as they are satisfying.

Floor Two: Main Gallery

Classrooms, workshops, and home-brew space will occupy this floor. This is the main educational area.

Floor Three: Two Temporary Galleries

  • Gallery One will feature the beer history and culture of different U.S. cities.
  • Gallery Two will feature another industry closly connected to the beer.

Floor Four: Rooftop

This floor will feature a beer garden with a bar. It will also serve as another educational space or an area to grow ingredients for the bar. This area can also be available for private events, rentals, and meetings.

Additional plans include a detailed timeline for launching the Brewseum, national campaigns, and even a mobile Brewseum by 2017!

Combining traditional museum experiences with Chicago’s famous bar culture is a sure way to make The Chicago Brewseum a future staple for the city.

Make The Chicago Brewseum come to life by donating to the GoFundMe account. You can also keep up with the latest Brewseum news by visiting their website and signing up for updates.

Use #LaunchChiBrewseum to spread the word!

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