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15 Best Places For Solo Dining (And/Or Drinking) in Chicago

Solo Dining Chicago

15 Best Places For Solo Dining (And/Or Drinking) in Chicago

If there are two things I know for certain, it’s that 1). eating out is awesome and that 2). in general, people kinda suck.

Okay, okay – I know that not everyone sucks all of the time, but they do tend to get on your nerves every-so-often, which is why it’s so damn disappointing that going out to eat (which we’ve already agreed is amazing) seems to require the presence of others.

Lucky for us, there are a few places you can get away with dining alone in the city, even if it is a little taboo.

So, for the next time you just need an evening to yourself, here are the best restaurants for solo dining in Chicago.


Revival Food Hall

125 S Clark, The Loop

The end-all-be-all of eating alone in the city, Revival Food Hall is like if your high school cafeteria served some of Chicago’s best food. With installations from city-wide favorites like Furious Spoon, Brown Bag Seafood (pictured above), Mindy Segal and more, whether you’re coming for lunch, dinner or just need a damn drink, Revival has got you covered.


Income Tax

Solo Dining Chicago

Photo Credit: Income Tax Edgewater

5959 N Broadway, Edgewater

This wine bar in Edgewater has everything you need for an evening of much needed “me-time”: wine, cheese, pasta and, of course, more wine. Plus, the bar area is just so cute, you might not ever wanna sit anywhere else.



Solo Dining Chicago

Photo Credit: Superdawg Instagram

6363 N Milwaukee, Norwood Park

A Chicago icon in it’s own right, pull on up to Superdawg in the far north neighborhood of Norwood Park for a solo dining experience like no other. Hot dogs, cheese fries, burgers and shakes, this is one time when eating alone in your car is totally worth it.


High Five Ramen

112 N Green, Fulton Market

Hidden in the dark recesses of Fulton Market, High Five doesn’t just serve some of the tastiest ramen in the city, it does so with style. A tiny room with an exceptionally long wait list, a stool for one here is far easier to come by than a table for two anyway.


City Mouse

Solo dining Chicago

Photo Credit: City Mouse Instagram

311 N Morgan, West Loop

A picturesque bar, restaurant and coffee shop in the West Loop, City Mouse has practically taken over my Instagram feed this year. With unconventional tables, an adorable outdoor area, and an all-dogs-are-welcome mentality, grab your best friend (read: your pup) and settle in for a long, lazy morning to yourself.


Nighthawk AM

Solo Dining

Photo Credit: Nighthawk Instagram

2273 N Lincoln, Lincoln Park

The LA transplant may be pretty new to the city, but it’s already made a name for itself in Lincoln Park. Seating only 14 people, this breakfast/brunch spot is practically built for eating alone. Plus, their cereal milk coffee is to die for.


Cold Storage

1000 W Fulton Market, Fulton Market

Grab yourself a spot at the bar in this Fulton Market seafood spot and get ready for a feast. Serving fresh shrimp, oysters, muscles and fish everyday, Cold Storage is the kind of alone time you really deserve.



Solo Dining Chicago

Photo Credit: Pizano’s Instagram

Multiple Locations

Personal sized deep dish pizza. ‘Nuff said.



Solo Dining

Photo Credit: Split-Rail Instagram

2500 W Chicago, West Town

Split-Rail’s Americana-theme will take you right back to childhood in the best way possible. Chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, fajitas and more, their menu is full of comfort food and perfect for a day sans-other-people.



Solo Dining

Photo Credit: Sunda Instagram

110 W Illinois, River North

An upscale – and often star-studded – joint like Sunda may not be the first place you think of when it comes to eating out alone, but don’t let that fool you. With an excellent bar area and great single serve dishes (salmon bento box, anyone?) this sushi restaurant might just become your new self care fav.


Manny’s Delicatessen

1141 S Jefferson, South Loop

Manny’s is a Chicago must through and through. But in addition to serving up the best pastrami in the city, the cafeteria set up at this southside spot also makes it a Grade A solo dining option.


Calumet Fisheries

Solo Dining Chicago

Photo Credit: Calumet Fisheries Facebook

3259 E 95th, Calumet Heights

One of the city’s last remaining smokehouses, Calumet Fisheries is doin’ fresh, smoked fish every damn day. Swing by for a plate of fried shrimp for lunch, or a full fish or two for dinner, and dig right in. You won’t regret it.


The Press Room

1134 W Washington, Near West Side

One of the West Side’s last remaining hidden gems, The Press Room is a cozy little wine bar just perfect for a night out alone. Small bites and cheese pairings are listed alongside an impressive wine list, making this intimate restaurant an easy go-to when you’ve just had it with everyone else.


Dove’s Luncheonette

1545 N Damen, Wicker Park

Not only is Dove’s Luncheonette cooking up one of the best brunches in Wicker Park, its lunch-counter style room makes it a prime solo dining destination for Chicagoans across the city. And as if that isn’t enough to get you in the door, the giant windows that line the walls make for excellent people watching.



Solo Dining

Photo Credit: Colectivo

2530 N Clark, Lincoln Park

Hailing from Wisconsin, Colectivo is bound to become your new favorite coffee shop. With locations in Logan Square and Lincoln Park, the extra-hip chain sells everything from pastries to sandwiches, smoothies to breakfast burritos. Oh, and they also serve draft beer.


Featured Image Credit: Manny’s


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