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The 19 Most Romantic Places in NYC

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The 19 Most Romantic Places in NYC

Love is in the air, New York!

And just because we know that you’re trying to flaunt your relationship to the world this season, here’s a list of the most romantic places in the city.



One if by Land, Two if by Sea

17 Barrow St

Consistently named one of the most romantic restaurants in the world, One if by Land, Two if by Sea was made for snuggling up to your sweetie. Of course, the fact that it’s most likely haunted doesn’t hurt at all either.


The Top of the Empire State Building

Romantic Places NYC

Okay, this one’s a no brainer.



Romantic Places NYC

Photo Credit: Pinterest

181 Thompson St

A classic NY restaurant with the cozy, crowded attitude to match, Carbone is by far one of the most romantic places city wide.



Romantic Places NYC

Photo Credit: Buvette Instagram

42 Grove St

It’s French. It’s tiny. It’s all over Instagram. You know Buvette is romantic af.


Brooklyn Promenade

Romantic Places NYC

Romantic strolls with a skyline view? Yes, please.


Brooklyn Night Bazar

150 Greenpoint Ave

Karaoke. Music. Food. Strong drinks. This dark lit bar and venue is the perfect spot for a couple’s night out.


Hotel Delmano

Romantic Places NYC

Photo Credit: Hotel Delmano

82 Berry St

Though, no, you won’t find any rooms at Hotel Delmano, you will find a cozy little bar with amazing cocktails perfect for cozying up to your boo.


The Gramercy Park Hotel

2 Lexington Ave

One of the most famous hotels in NYC, what The Gramercy lacks in affordability it more than makes up for romance. Beautiful rooms, classic decor, and an all acess pass to that exclusive park? Sounds like a staycation plan to us.


Bow Bridge

Romantic Places NYC

You know it, you love it, you totally wouldn’t object to rowing under it on a date.


Grand Banks

Romantic Places NYC

Photo Credit: Grand Banks Instagram

Pier 25, Hudson River Park

A floating oyster bar with stellar views, Grand Banks is a shoo in for one of the best date night spots in the city.


The Last Word

30-31 Ditmas

Known for it’s live music, amazing cocktails and speakeasy like atmosphere, The Last Word is the place in Queens for romance.



Romantic Places NYC

Photo Credit: Zenkichi

77 N 6th St

This low lit Japanese restaurant in Brooklyn practically screams romance. I mean, just look at it.



Romantic Places NYC

Photo Credit: Rolf’s

281 3rd Ave

So, no – a German restaurant might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to New York romance. But this intensely decorated hole-in-the-wall is just too good to pass up.


Brooklyn Botanic Garden

990 Washington Ave

One of NYC’s best green spaces, The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens have enough beautiful scenery to fuel your lovey-dovey-ness for hours.


Macao Trading Company

Romantic Places NYC

Photo Credit: Macao Instagram

311 Church St

There’s no better place to make eyes across a candle lit table than Macao. I mean, it does take its inspiration from opium clubs, after all.


Il Buco

Romantic Places NYC

Photo Credit: Il Buco Instagram

47 Bond St

Il Buco offers Lady and the Tramp levels of romance. Trust.


Nitehawk Cinema

Romantic Places NYC

Photo Credit: Nitehawk Instagram

136 Metropolitan Ave

This indie movie theater offers you the perfect opportunity to accidentally brush hands when going for the popcorn.



Romantic Places NYC

Photo Credit: Soho Grand Instagram

310 W Broadway

This outdoor hotel restaurant will make you feel like your on a romantic getaway the minute you walk in the door.


The Cloisters

Romantic Places NYC

99 Margaret Corbin Dr

Let you and your boo get lost in the Met’s Cloisters exhibit in For Tyron Park.



Featured Image: Grand Banks Instagram

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