8 of the Best Halloween Costumes for New Yorkers

As I’m sure you are painfully aware, Halloween is just around the corner.

And, if your anything like us, you still have no frickin idea what to wear.


So if you’re in the market for a fresh new costume idea (which, I mean, we know you are) we’ve come up with a list of some of the funniest, New York themed get-ups for your next costume party.

Here are eight of the best Halloween costumes for New Yorkers.



Pizza Rat

New York Halloween Costumes - Pizza Rat
Photo Credit: Yandy

What You’ll Need: 

  • A rat costume and/or ears (this one from Yandy is listed for $89.95)
  • A slice of pizza (real or prop)

If you’re feeling nostalgic for some good ole 2015 internet culture, this is the costume for you. Most of the world has likely long forgotten about the NY rat who got caught dragging a full slice of pizza deep into the subway, but here at UrbanMatter, we certainly have not – and, honestly, neither has the rest of the city. In fact, for New Yorkers who walk those subway stairs on a daily basis, Pizza Rat is less of a fun meme than it is a mascot for all things NYC, making it a great choice for all of this years festivities.



Bodega Cat

NYC Halloween Costumes - Bodega Cat
Photo Credit: Birchbox

What You’ll Need:

  • Cat ears
  • Some kind of black makeup (for drawing nose and whiskers)
  • Empty Bodega food containers
  • An old shirt (upon which to attach said containers)

Give your favorite Bodega some much needed love by dressing up as a Bodega Cat this Halloween. Don your furry ears and accessorize with some leftover muchies and boom – you’re costume party ready.



The Brooklyn Cow

NYC Halloween Csostumes


What You’ll Need:

  • Costume cow ears
  • Flannel
  • Slouchie beanie and/or Man Bun
  • Cow bell (optional)
  • Craft beer (for sipping)

Earlier this week, a lone bull escaped a New York slaughterhouse and rampaged through Brooklyn for hours, keeping police on the run. Soon after he sprung the joint, this bovine escapee quickly became known as the Brooklyn Cow a.k.a your Halloween costume 2K17. The premise is simple: dress in the fashion of a Brooklyn Hipster, add cow ears and viola – a simple, yet topical get up.

And, yes, I did make that graphic myself and I know, it’s amazing.



Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

NYC Halloween Costumes - Alec Baldwin
Photo Credit: NYDailyNews

What You’ll Need: 

  • Bad blonde wig
  • Orange face makeup
  • Oversized suit
  • SNL backstage pass (crucial)

Wayyy back in October of 2016 – when Donny was just an annoying presidential candidate – MAGA hats and orange makeup dominated the Halloween scene. One year and one election later, dressing up as The Don suddenly seems a lot less funny. To keep your costume political but perhaps just a tad less depressing, try instead dressing up as Alec Baldwin playing Trumpy. Simply add a fake SNL pass to your costume from last year and TADA, instant Halloween classic.



A Yankee’s Player Post World Series Loss

NY Halloween Costumes - Sad Yankee
Photo Credit: NJ.com

What You’ll Need:

  • Yankee’s hat or uniform
  • Post-crying makeup
  • Empty ice cream container from drowning your sorrows

The New York Yankees are shockingly close to the World Series Championship this year. But with a strong rival in the Astros and an even stronger opponent in the LA Dodger’s, their chances of winning aren’t really that great. Stay ahead of the game by coming as a post-loss, depressed Yankee, complete with a snack with which ot eat your feelings.


Evan Hansen from Dear Evan Hansen

NY Halloween Costumes - Dear Evan Hansen
Photo Credit: Playbill

What You’ll Need:

  • Stripped polo shirt
  • Backpack
  • Broken Arm

Fit in with the theater crowd at that artsy Halloween party this year by coming as the title character of the hit Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen. If you were truly a method actor, we would suggest breaking your arm for this costume, but I guess you can just use medical tape.


Snapchat Hot Dog

NY Halloween Costumes - Snapchat Hot Dog
Photo Credit: My Recipes

What You’ll Need:

  • Hot Dog Costume
  • Green Headphones
  • Some Moves

Okay, okay – so this costume isn’t necessarily New York themed. But what with the city’s infamous hot dog reputation and the utter insanity that was this meme, I included it nonetheless. Though Snapchat is apparently selling a real costume for upwards of $80, we figure that you can most likely make a pretty good one yourself. Just remember, if you’re going as this filter, you better be prepared to dance.


NYC  Subway Man-Spreader

NYC Halloween Costume - Manspreader

What You’ll Need:

  • Business Casual
  • Apple Watch
  • A Catchphrase: “The stocks are doing well”
  • The ability to sit with your legs really far apart

And now we come to what is, undeniably, the scariest costume on this list. The Subway Manspreader is the bane of every commuter’s existence, he is the scourge of the underground and hated by all. Terrify every woman in your life by dressing as a Wall Street douche, popping a squat and spreading your legs as far apart as humanly possible at this year’s costume contest. You’ll be sure to get a few screams, trust me.

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