NYPD Discovers Loose Cow Is Actually VICE Reporter Investigating Slaughterhouse Conditions

“This could’ve ended badly,” says VICE Media co-founder, Shane Smith, “I wouldn’t be surprised if we earn a Pulitzer for this.”

This morning, the internet was taken by storm when a cow was reported to have been found wandering around Prospect Park. Drawing in crowds of passersby, the NYPD were eventually called to the scene.


After tranquilizing the horrified cow, who eventually shared statements to the NYPD after interrogation, it was disclosed that this bovine wanderer was in fact no mere piece of meat, but an undercover reporter who entered a dangerous slaughterhouse and lived to tell the tale. It’s not uncommon for VICE reporters to put their lives on the line to come back with a harrowing story of the subversive and marginalized in America, and this event is no different.

This story is still developing and more is expected to be shared as the reporter comes out of sedation. In the meantime, watch the complete live feed that aired this morning here to witness the action.


The VICE documentary special is expected to air on HBO in December 2017.


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