NBA Pregame Outfits Survey Labels Bulls As League’s Best Dressed

Our beloved Chicago Bulls won’t win an NBA Championship this year, didn’t find luck in the NBA Draft Lottery, nor did they make the playoffs. But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t number 1 in something. Because when it comes to NBA pregame outfits, the Chicago Bulls rank at the top of the list.

RushOrderTees is a custom apparel maker with roots in Philadelphia who recently polled 1,117 NBA fans to gauge their opinions on the increasingly popular NBA pregame outfit. We definitely weren’t surprised to see the Chicago Bulls beat out every other team in the league given how stylish the Chicago sports scene is. From best dressed teams, worst dressed players, and rankings for the “Most Questionable” and “Most Trash” outfits, let’s dive into what RushOrderTees found in their survey feedback.


Ranking NBA Pregame Outfits

RushOrderTees evaluated NBA pregame outfits at both the individual player and overall team level. When it came to the players, Garrett Temple of our very own Chicago Bulls ranked at the top of the list after all the number crunching. Temple received an average score of 7.3/10 for his pregame outfits. Fans used different words and phrases to describe the players outfits, and 28.7% labeled Temple’s as fresh, while 32.7% indicated them as vibrant. RJ Barrett came in at a close second with an average score of 7.1/10. Jamal Murray followed him at third, and then Lauri Markannen managed to sneak his way into the top 5 in a three-way tie with Rudy Gobert and Bojan Bogdanovic. 


When it came to the overall team scores, the Bulls saw themselves earn the number 1 ranking in the league thanks to Temple and Markannen’s high scores. They lead the pack with an average outfit rating of 6.56, followed by the Denver Nuggets at 6.32 and the Atlanta Hawks at 6.31

What About The Least Fashionable?

Some players and teams didn’t find themselves quite as lucky as the Bulls with their fashion scores. According to the survey data, James Harden ranked at the top of the list for worst dressed NBA players with his average score only reaching 5.2/10. Serge Ibaka came in second place on that list at 5.3/10, followed by Kyle Kuzma and Gary Trent Jr. at 5.4/10.

The survey also asked fans to rank players’ outfits by how questionable and trash they were. When it came to “Most Questionable”, Terrence Ross and Gary Trent Jr. received the highest scores with 18.4% indicating they felt their NBA pregame outfits were questionable. OG Anunoby had one outfit score the highest in the questionable category at 44%. For “Most Trash”, James Harden led that list as 22.8% of respondents labeled his outfits as trash. The most trash pregame outfit overall went to Gary Trent Jr. again. That guy just can’t catch a break.


To dive deeper into the survey results and findings, check it out on RushOrderTees website. We’ll keep our hopes high that the Bulls can carry this winning momentum into next season!