M&M Limo Is Offering Romantic Limo Date Nights Fit for a Quaranqueen

With everyone stuck inside with their significant other, day after day, it might feel like romance is officially dead for the next couple of weeks, at least. But just because we have to practice social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t have the occasional date night, as long as we are taking the necessary precautions. If you’re searching for date night ideas to try throughout the quarantine, M&M Limo is providing the perfect solution for cooped-up couples who want a romantic evening out, all while practicing social distancing.


The limo service near you in Chicago will send over a stretch limo for you to take your date night on the road. Instead of being greeted by a chauffeur, you’ll be met with glasses of complimentary champagne. You’ll never be in contact with the driver, who remains behind a closed partition at all times. That means you’ll be able to privately enjoy your date night idea alone and enjoy some quality time together, away from everyone else. While this does mean you will have to open your own door, it is a small price to pay for keeping everyone safe!

While you are renting the limo, you can enjoy the now quiet city of Chicago as you listen to music or watch your favorite movie on the limo’s TV. While you do get a complimentary bottle of champagne, you are welcome to bring your own alcohol as well to enjoy along the drive however you please. You can make your date night idea a complete night out and even order food from your favorite high-end restaurant (or McDonald’s—your drive won’t judge!) to be picked up along the way.


limo date night

M&M Limo is taking the safety of their guests and their drivers very seriously. The staff at this limo service near you in the Chicago area will disinfect the limo from top to bottom before you are picked up, and you’ll never be within six feet of the driver without a partition between you. The company has taken every precaution to keep everyone safe while enjoying their date night idea.


Rides are available at $243.75 for three hours or $375 for five hours. The price is all-inclusive, with gratuity and fees already added into the final cost. To book your date night out on the town, you can either call 847-257-2111 or contact M&M Limo directly on their website.



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