10 Margaritas to Try in Chicago this Summer

Whether you’re out celebrating, or just looking to cash in on this bomb ass weather, there’s no denying that margaritas are the perfect summer drink.

And though, yes, you can probably get an OK marg at pretty much any bar in Chicago, you deserve better, don’t ya think?


These are our favorite margaritas in the city.



The House Rosemary Margarita @ Antique Taco

Margaritas for Summer
Photo Credit: Antique Taco Instagram

Multiple Locations

With multiple locations across Chicago, Antique Taco is undoubtedly one of the top choices for margaritas anywhere in the city. And while, of course, all of the flavor options at this Mexican joint are pretty damn good, none come close to stealing our hearts away from the House Rosemary marg. Seriously, you’ve just gotta try this thing.



The Tamarindo Margarita @ Cesar’s Killer Margaritas

Margaritas for Summer
Photo Credit: Cesar’s Killer Margaritas

Multiple Locations


Names don’t lie, and the margs at Cesar’s are, truly, killer. Our favorite? The tamarindo: a tamarind and tequila mixture that’ll have you ready for this 80-degree heat in no time.



The Mezcal Margarita @ Mi Tocaya Antojería

Margaritas for summer
Photo Credit: Jude Goergen

2800 W Logan Blvd, Logan Square

Boasting one the best Mexican menus in the city, it probably doesn’t come as much of a shock that Mi Tocaya is listed among our most-loved margaritas in Chicago. This mezcal-based number is straight-up built for patio season, that is, if you can manage to get a seat.



Literally Any Marg @ La Vaca Margarita Bar

Margaritas for Summer
Photo Credit: La Vaca Facebook

1160 W 18th St, Pilsen


A Pilsen mainstay, this taco joint and, might we add, amazing patio restaurant, sticks true to its name with some awesome summer margaritas.


The Masa Margarita @ Masa Azul

Margaritas for Summer
Photo Credit: Masa Azul Instagram

2901 W Diversey, Logan Square

With what is likely one of the most extensive mezcals and tequila lists anywhere in Chicago, it’s no wonder that Masa Azul would also boast one of the best margaritas around town. Keeping things classic with the Masa Margarita, this house-made fav is made with tequila blanco, orange liqueur and lime.


Margarita Punch @ Ludlow Liquors

Margaritas For Summer
Photo Credit: Ludlow Liquors Instagram

2959 N California, Avondale

Avondale’s newest neighborhood joint has been receiving praise from pretty much everyone for their amazing cocktail program. And while, yeah, we could probably spend a good couple paragraphs telling you everything we love about Ludlow Liquors, we’ll just leave it at this: get the spicy draft margarita punch. Trust us.


Frozen Margaritas @ Lonesome Rose

Margaritas for Summer
Photo Credit: Lonesome Rose

2101 N California, Logan Square

Logan Square’s Lonesome Rose (and its secret, not-so-secret basement bar, Golden Teardrops) has been absolutely tearing things up since opening in November. And while you’re gonna wanna come for the tacos, you’re gonna wanna stay for the margaritas.


Tequila @ Estereo

Margaritas for Summer
Photo Credit: Estereo Instagram

2450 N Milwaukee, Logan Square

Estereo may just be the perfect summer drinking destination, and their awesome tequila and mezcal drinks certainly don’t hurt. Although they might not offer a margarita per say, their star tequila mix – made with Plata tequilas, blood orange, Sotol, walnut, lime and grapefruit bitters – will definitely hit the spot regardless. Plus, they’ve got frozen drinks too!


Big Star

Margaritas for Summer
Photo Credit: Big Star Instagram

Multiple Locations

No Chicago marg roundup would be complete without throwing Big Star’s name into the ring. This is just a fact.


Featured Image Credit: Lonesome Rose


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