Kanye West Announces Exclusive Listening Party Tonight in Chicago

Sure, “announces” may be a strong word, but still.

Following his star-studded campfire listening party in Jackson Hole last week, Kanye West tweeted out a link to his website early Wednesday morning listing an exclusive “Wyoming in Chicago” listening party for tonight, June 6th.





The party, which – and we’re totally assuming here – is most likely a promotional event for either his new, seven-track album “Ye” or his forthcoming collab with Kid Cudi entitled “Kids See Ghosts,” will take place tonight at 6 pm at an as-of-yet undisclosed location somewhere in the city.


According to the Kanye website, there is a similar event occurring in Miami tonight, and a third coming to Brooklyn tomorrow, so it is unclear whether the highly controversial rapper himself will actually be in Chicago come this evening.

Intrigued? Yeah, us too.

Kanye West Listenting Party
Kids See Ghosts album art, via Kanye West’s Twitter

If you’re interested in learning more, well,  that’s just too bad – it looks like that’s about all the info Kanye is gonna give us for now. You CAN,  however,  join a waiting list to RSVP to “Wyoming in Chicago” tonight, here.



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