Chicago White Sox Facts

Think you’re a Chicago White Sox fan? How many of these 10 Chicago White Sox facts did you know?



1. Home roots

The Chicago White Sox was established in 1893 as a Sioux City, Iowa franchise before being moved to Chicago in 1900.



2. Starting a trend

The White Sox were the first team to put players’ last names on jerseys in 1960.



3. Showing Chicago who’s boss

The 1906 Chicago White Sox beat the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. This was the only World Series game ever played between the two Chicago teams.



4. Mascot

The Chicago White Sox mascot’s name is Southpaw.



5. Nicknames

The White Sox were originally known as the White Stockings.



6. Stadium music

Nancy Faust was the White Sox organist in 1970, the first organist to play pop music in a ball park.



7. Let’s Go Go Go White Sox

“Let’s Go Go Go White Sox” written by Captian Stubby and the Buccaneers, serves as the unofficial fight song of the White Sox.


8. Stadium name

The White Sox have had four different stadium names. 1900-1910 – 39th Street Grounds, 1910-1920 – Old Comiskey Park, 1991 – present New Comiskey Park, U.S Cellular Field, Guaranteed Rate Field.


9. High Payroll

In 2008, the White Sox had the fourth highest payroll in Major League Baseball.


10. First Ever Game

The White Sox played the University of Illinois in their first ever game.