This Awesome Timelapse Video Will Make You Glad It’s Summer in Chicago

Chicago: A Bird’s Eye View VIII – Summer Finale from Soaring Badger Productions on Vimeo.


Summer is in full speed in the Windy City, and nothing captures the magic of it like this larger-than-life video does.

As the video begins with soaring movement through the sky, the tops of Chicago’s magnificent skyscrapers emerge through the clouds. As you descend upon the city, beautiful, sunny days become the star of each scene. Boats in Belmont Harbor, people strolling by the Riverwalk, sunlight gleaming off of the city’s tall steel structures, and the gorgeous blue of Lake Michigan are all displayed with reverence, ending with sweeping views of colorful sunsets and climactic fireworks over Navy Pier.


Shot in stunning 4k resolution, this video by Soaring Badger Productions will undoubtedly make you appreciate this current time of year in Chicago.

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