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Chicago Restaurants Doing Thanksgiving Dinner Takeout

Thanksgiving Dinner Takeout

Chicago Restaurants Doing Thanksgiving Dinner Takeout

You know what really ruins a great Thanksgiving meal? Having to cook it.

It was one thing when you were a kid and the adults put together the Turkey Day spread, but now that you’re in charge of whipping up those delicious dishes, nothing sounds better than paying someone else to do it for you.

Lucky for you, we feel the exact. same. way.

Here are 8 Chicago restaurants offering takeaway menus on Thanksgiving.


Di Pescara

Thanksgiving Takeout

Photo Credit: Di Pescara Facebook

For just 42 bucks a pop, this fresh seafood joint in the northern suburbs will fix you up a spread filled with crispy Zucchini with lemon aioli, stuffed mushrooms with spinach and parmesan, roasted Vermont turkey, giblet gravy, rosemary and sage stuffing, cranberry and orange relish, sliced baked sweet potatoes, Idaho mashed potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts… *takes a deep breath*…PLUS pumpkin pie, cinnamon whipped cream, apple crostata, and triple chocolate cookies for dessert. And that’s just the half of it. The only drawback of picking up your meal from this Northbrook restaurant? Absolutely no one – and I mean no one – will believe that you cooked it.


Bub City

Thanksgiving takeaway

Photo Credit: Bub City

Listen, I’m a Thanksgiving traditionalist: the turkey, the taters, the cranberry sauce – I want the works. But after coming across Bub City’s Nov 22nd menu, I might be changing my tune. A BBQ spot through and through, Bub City is no stranger to curing up delicious meats and eats, but their Thanksgiving takeout menu is truly something special. For just $29.95 per person, you can scrounge up a plate of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and more. Oh, and for when your relatives inevitably start driving you through the roof, Bub City also has late-night karaoke going all evening long.


L. Woods

Thanksgiving Takeout L.Woods

Photo Credit: Anjali Pinto

This traditional Lincolnwood restaurant and tavern is serving up a classic T-giving dinner to go on the 22nd. Starting as early as November 21st, you can pick up turkey and gravy, a chopped salad, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie to bring home and share with your family. Or, to bring home and stuff into your face on the couch. We’re not judging.


Parson’s Chicken and Fish

Thanksgiving Dinner Takeout

Photo Credit: Parson’s Instagram

Throw a little bit of southern flare into your Thanksgiving. Parson’s Chicken and Fish is cooking up a mean Turkey Day dinner for two for just $50 this year, including a whole roasted Amish chicken, two pieces of green chile cornbread, one pt. of braised green beans, 1 qt. of mashed potatoes, and 1 pt. of sweet potato casserole. You can even add on a slice of Bang Bang Pie’s pumpkin pie for just $6, but after a meal like that, you might not even want it.


Nico Osteria

American restaurants aren’t the only ones who can put on a damn good Thanksgiving dinner takeout, okay? Nico Osteria sheds (some) of its Italian flair to create what is, without a doubt, one of the best restaurant holiday meals in the city. At about $130 per order, make sure to call wayyyy in advance to get a taste of Chef Bill Montagne’s killer menu. Though their carryout menu hasn’t been announced just quite yet (Nico’s just started offering takeout Thanksgiving in 2016), our fingers are crossed for another home run.


Goddess and the Grocer

Thankgiving Dinner Takeout

Photo Credit: Goddess and Grocer

With multiple locations across the city, this caterer and deli is known for cooking up a Thanksgiving spread better than Grandma used to make. Offering dozens of options, Goddess and the Grocer has got you covered from the turkey and pie, to the beer and wine. What’s more, all your favorite Thanksgiving fixin’s will be available until November 30th, so if someone eats your leftovers (looking at siblings everywhere), they’ve got you covered. Order by November 15 to secure your dinner!



Thanksgiving Dinner Takeout

Photo Credit: Frontier Instagram

This Wicker Park standard is cooking up full, smoked turkeys for order this Thanksgiving. Offering everything from a teeny 15-pounder to a whopping 20-pound beast, Frontier will cook your bird to juicy perfection. If you’re interested – which, I mean, you totally are – they also offer a myriad of tasty side dishes including sweet potato pie. Be still my beating heart.

NOTE: That was both a reaction of love and, more likely, my heart going into cardiac arrest after eating.


Smoke Daddy

Thanksgiving Dinner Takeout

Photo Credit: Smoke Daddy

Don’t wanna cook at Thanksgiving or Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanza or so on and so forth)? Me neither, and luckily, Smoke Daddy has got us covered. This hoppin’ BBQ joint is offering to make dinner orders throughout the holiday season, meaning we may never have to cook again! At least until the end of December, that is. Check out their menu to get a glimpse of all the tasty treats, including, but not limited to smoked turkey, glazed ham, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, and mac n’ cheese. Amazing.


Artango Bar & Steakhouse

Get your Thanksgiving meal from Artango Steakhouse and you won’t regret it. This year, they’re serving up a delicious three-course prix fixe for $55 per adult and $20 for kids between ages 6 and 12. Choose between lobster bisque soup, ahi-tuna, empanadas, and a veg-friendly dish for the first course. Then determine whether you’ll have that classic turkey dinner or switch it out for one of their prime rib-eye or New York strip steaks, grilled salmon, or pasta. Top it all off with a delectable dessert and you’ve got T-day down pat.




Photo Credit: Bistronomic

The three-course pre-fixe dinner from Bistronomic’s Thanksgiving menu is bound to be absolutely mouthwatering. Featuring a Belgium endive salad, roasted farm turkey, prime beef ribs, pumpkin ravioli, homemade foie gras and foie blond terrine, and a lemon tart for dessert, you can’t go wrong when you pick up from Bistronomic this holiday season.


Crosby Kitchen

Crosby Kitchen

Photo Credit: Crosby Kitchen

If you really want to have that classic Thanksgiving meal, your best bet is Crosby Kitchen, where they’re serving up an oven-roasted turkey, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and so much more. Make sure to order before November 17 at noon and pick up your meal before Thanksgiving Day!



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