Have Your Future Foretold by These Chicago Psychics Near You

Ever felt overwhelmed by life and thought if you just had some guidance, you might be able to make it through? Introducing the best psychics Chicago has to offer: a wide range of diverse women who use their spiritual gifts to help others.

These psychics near you in Chicago can help you untangle your complicated love life, give you advice on your financial situation, soothe your anxiety, and so much more. Whatever your situation, be it creative struggles or issues at home, or even if you’re in a good spot and just want some reassurance that you’re on the right path, consult a famous psychic in Chicago.


Chicago Spiritual Boutique

Chicago Spiritual Boutique
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30 East Roosevelt Rd

If you’re looking for accurate psychics near you in Chicago, visit Christine at Chicago Spiritual Boutique. Considered a master clairvoyant, Christine is a famous psychic that is considered skilled in the art of determining past struggles and future solutions, often healing those with depression, grief, stress, anxiety, weight gain, and menopause. If you need a little strength and guidance, Christine is your psychic.


Psychic Spiritual Gallery

Psychic Spiritual Gallery
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2632 N Halsted St

Are you attempting to find master psychic near you in Chicago that is honed in on fertility, spirituality, and sexuality? Dorothy is your girl. She’s here to answer the tough questions, like what’s missing in your life or how to hold on to the right significant other. Dorothy does psychic, tarot, astrology, crystal, and palm readings in Chicago, all with a clairvoyant mind.


Best Aura Psychic

Chicago Aura Psychic
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401 N Wells St #2

If you want to know what kind of success is in your future, go to Claire for her fortune-telling abilities. This famous psychic is skilled in sensing and removing dark energies from your life by unblocking chakras and letting good energy flow through instead, but only if she feels it is her place to do so. Her services are more costly than others, but worthwhile, as she has over 25 years of experience.


Psychic Medium

Delphina - Psychic Medium
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3311 West Irving Park Rd

Delphina is here to help set you on the right track. She senses your aspirations and foretells when good fortune will befall you, while also balancing your chakras and helping you find ways to heal yourself. This psychic near you in Chicago is a positive force, and you are bound to leave here feeling relaxed and motivated in your career path.


Spirit Dreamer Healing Studio

Spirit Dreamer Healing Studio
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1656 W Wallen Ave

When you consult Amara at this shamanic healing center, she starts by digging into your soul, followed by self-empowered action. You can participate in various sessions, like shamanic and Reiki energy healing and akashic record and spiritual tarot readings, but make sure to sign up at least a week in advance.


Totem Readings

Totem Readings
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1313 West Randolph

Rachel is the self-proclaimed “Amy Schumer of shamanic practitioners”, which should give you just enough of an idea of what you can expect when you walk through the door. This psychic near you focuses on real-world issues and solutions and uses meditation techniques to bring you back to a peaceful place. Whether you need one-on-one time or you find your energy better through other people, Rachel has sessions for both.


Chicago Psychic & Tarot Cards

Chicago Psychic & Tarot Card
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1736 W Irving Park Rd

This popular psychic stop is mysteriously run by someone named Mrs. Cline, an experienced tarot card, chakra, and palm reading specialist in Chicago. If you stop in this month, you’ll receive a free tarot card reading, but she also has services in crystal ball readings and astrology. Unlike other psychics, walk-ins are welcome here, but you can also make an appointment online.


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    Really great places you guys chose! As a spiritual psychic in the Chicago area myself, I am always looking to see who is reputable in the metaphysical community here for readings and energy work. I love to get readings myself, and I must try some of these places out! Thank you for the recommendations!

    -Charlotte Grant,

    Spiritual Psychic Advisor & Life Coach


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