Have a Lightbulb Moment at Chicago Ideas Week
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Have a Lightbulb Moment at Chicago Ideas Week

Chicago Ideas Week

Have a Lightbulb Moment at Chicago Ideas Week

Chicago Ideas Week returns this month at venues all over Chicago for yet another year of inspiring and innovative conversations.

This year’s festival is held from October 15–21 with more speakers, more events, and most importantly, more ideas. The aim of the festival is to implore its more than 30,000 festival visitors to change the world. Experts in their fields come from around the country to share ideas with attendees through more than 200 events and 500 videos.

Speakers at the event will give presentations on everything from hip-hop to health. Chicago Ideas makes an effort to include a diverse range of speakers so everyone can find a program that interests them. The lineup this year includes our very own Stephanie Izard, David Hogg, Luvvie Ajayi, John Kerry, and other politicians, comedians, writers, CEOs, professors, scientists, and innovators from across the globe.

Chicago Ideas Week

Photo Credit: Chicago Ideas Week

Chicago Ideas Week presents a series of talks, conversations, and labs. Talks feature four to six speakers that present speeches around a specific theme and hour-long conversations bring speakers together to discuss of-the-moment topics.

Post-discussion, event leaders ask you to get out of your seat and get your hands dirty at one of the Ideas Week labs. Labs offer hands-on, behind-the-scenes experience with some of Chicago’s most forward-thinking organizations and businesses. Each event strives to examine its topic from a revolutionary new angle.

Chicago Ideas strives to keep the festival accessible to everyone, so the cost of admission remains at $15 per event. See the full schedule and buy tickets here.

Want exclusive information, discounts, and early access to events? Consider becoming a Chicago Ideas member. Not only will you improve your festival experience, you’ll also get information about other Chicago Ideas events. Get inspired year-round with their community programs and through watching and sharing videos.


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