Where to Eat Breakfast When Your Hangover is Worse Than Death

Everybody loves a night out on the town to let loose and splurge a little, but the morning after is usually not very forgiving. While some of y’all have iron stomachs, there’s bound to be a killer hangover that follows a night of drinking, no matter how “experienced” you think you are. Some hangovers can seriously debilitate you, which is why you need a cure, and quick, before that headache breaks your brain.

And what’s the best antidote to a fate worse than death? Greasy breakfast food, of course.

These cafes, coffeehouses, or diners are a godsend after a night out, so make sure to stumble into one of them the next morning to cure that hangover with something delicious.


The Bagelers Coffeehouse

The Bagelers Coffeehouse
Photo Credit: The Bagelers Coffeehouse Facebook

2461 N Lincoln Ave

Bagel lovers, gather round (that’s basically everyone, let’s be honest). This place is one of the best bagel houses in the city and easily the coziest, which makes it an ideal candidate for concocting hangover cures. It’s well-lit, but not bright enough to trigger a headache, and no one seems to care if you stagger in here, half-dressed and totally in the mumble stage. You know, that, “Just gimme whatever stops this headache” stage. Never fear: the Bagelers Coffeehouse is on it.



Photo Credit: m.henry Facebook

5707 N Clark St

While m.henry’s atmosphere is undeniably adorable, it’s also pretty laid-back, making it the perfect spot to stumble into after a long night of drinking. Your eyes will thank you for finding a seat in the low-lit dining hall or in the shade of the back patio, breathing in all that fresh air. Let the delightful Latina Omeletta soak up all the alcohol in your tummy and you’ll be A-OK by lunchtime. If you like a little hair of the dog in with your hangover cure, remember that this place is BYOB!


C.C. Ferns

C.C. Ferns
Photo Credit: C.C. Ferns Facebook

2806 W Augusta Blvd

If you’re one of those drinkers who throws up everything they try to eat the next day, come here. C.C. Ferns only serves coffee, alcohol, and Doughnut Vault donuts, so you can just relax in their cozy sofas, drink lots of water, and test your ability to stomach coffee as the morning goes by. You can taste that donut when you’re ready to nibble on something sweet, and maybe even take advantage of their cigar collection. Nothing like coffee and smoke after a night out on the town. It’s the best combo.


Dove’s Luncheonette

Dove's Luncheonette
Photo Credit: Dove’s Luncheonette Facebook

1545 N Damen Ave

Dove’s is small and intimate, which means there aren’t that many people judging when you walk through the door all sweatpants, hair-tie, and chillin’ with no makeup on. Their menu isn’t overwhelming; all you really have to do is tell them your head hurts like hell and I’m sure they’d recommend something perfect. The Tofu Toast is incredibly delicious, but if you want something a little greasier, there’s always the classic Dove’s Deluxe Plate: two eggs, creamy grits, bacon, and Texas toast.


Batter & Berries

Batter & Berries
Photo Credit: Batter & Berries Facebook

2748 N Lincoln Ave

How could you go wrong with world-famous french toast!? Seriously, these fluffy, cinnamon toast slices are delicious as all hell, and they’re all yours every somber hangover Sunday. Try the French Toast Flight if you don’t want to choose between their many flavors, or ask your server to upgrade your meal to the Super Flight. Whatever you need to quell the queasy in your tummy. And thanks to the unassuming atmosphere, no one cares if you’re bummin’ it.


Nighthawk: AM

Nighthawk AM
Photo Credit: Nighthawk AM Instagram

2273 N Lincoln Ave

Unlike the upscale breakfast bar out in LA, Nighthawk: AM is pretty casual with its walk-up counter and small tables meant for two. The Don Juan DeBreakfast Burrito is the perfect greasy hangover cure, but it’s also pretty fun to BYOB (build your own bowl) and get creative with your breakfast. Because of its fast-casual motto, you’ll have your meal in no time, and it’ll probably be gone in no time, too. So grab a seat by the window, contemplate the mistakes you made last night, and let this damn good breakfast food wash down all of those regrets.


The Chicago Diner

The Chicago Diner
Photo Credit: The Chicago Diner Facebook

3411 N Halsted St
2333 N Milwaukee Ave

This meat-free veggie house is not to be overlooked. With that classic diner atmosphere, you can easily blend into the crowd, even if you look like utter shit. Brunch hours last until 3 pm, so don’t worry about rolling out of bed a little past noon. The Chicago Diner has you covered with a Mexicana Bowl or a tall stack of vegan pancakes. Whatever you like to eat to abate that hangover, The Chicago Diner has a vegan substitute that’s probably going to blow your mind… if the alcohol hasn’t turned it to mush already.


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