Famous Chicago Specialty Pizza Places You Need to Try

Although here in Chicago we are loyal to our deep dish pizza, sometimes we have to change it up and try something new. Below are some of the most famous Chicago specialty pizza places for when you’re craving pizza other than deep dish.

best specialty pizza
Photo Credit: Pequod’s Pizza

Pequod’s Pizza | 2207 North Clybourn

This Chicago pizza place is famous is the pan style pizza with a caramelized crust edge. The crust is thick and crunchy and they put their sauce underneath their toppings, unlike traditional Chicago-style deep dish.

Best Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: Vito and Nick’s Facebook

Vito & Nick’s Pizzeria | 8433 South Pulaski

Over 50 years old, Vito & Nick’s Pizzeria is known for their cracker-thin crust pizza. They have a rich history and have been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Best Pizza Places in Chicago
Photo Credit: Bonci Instagram

Bonci Pizzeria | Multiple Locations

Bonci offers one of the most unique ways to eat pizza. Their slices are cut with scissors and sold by weight.  This spot, which originated in Italy, sells delicious and interesting topping combinations like potato rosemary and romanesco hummus.

best specialty pizza
Photo Credit: Jimmys Pizza Cafe

Jimmy’s Pizza Cafe | 5159 North Lincoln

If you’re looking for New York Style Pizza in Chicago, look no further than this famous Chicago pizza establishment. Served by the slice on paper plates, you’ll truly feel like you’re in the heart of NYC.

Photo Credit: Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co.

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder | 2121 North Clark

A truly one-of-a-kind pizza, Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder is famous for their pizza pot pies. The pizza dough is cooked in a bowl to get the pot pie shape and is filled with homemade sauce and topped with a special blend of cheese. You can either get it with sausage or make it vegetarian with their whole fresh mushrooms.

Photo Credit: Bar Cargo

Bar Cargo | 605 North Wells

This famous Chicago pizza joint offers a special kind of crust that is similar to focaccia and has an extensive cooking process to get the best quality and flavor. The menu is inspired by the chef’s love of Italy and Roman-style pizza.

Photo Credit: Point & Feather

Point and Feather | 113 West Hubbard


Point and Feather offers Detroit-style pizzas, with rectangular slices and a thicker crust. They keep it simple with their flavors and offer a pepperoni, margherita, and a deluxe option.



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