Best Midwestern Pumpkin Beers to Try This October

We’ve made it, Chicago. That one month and a half of pure fall bliss before we slowly descend into winter madness is here, and along with it comes an assortment of pumpkin-flavored beers to perfectly match the mood. Breweries all over the midwest have concocted some of the most incredible seasonal crafts over the years that are still in circulation, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t put together a list of our absolute favorites for you to try this fall.

These are all the best pumpkin beers that the Midwest has to offer, coming to a bar near you this October.


Jackass O’Lantern

Spiteful Brewing
Photo Credit: Spiteful Brewing Facebook

Spiteful Brewing | Chicago, IL

Chicago’s very own Spiteful Brewing is first on the list with its caramelized pumpkin ale. A cheeky name is just the beginning of its cunning, as its mouth-watering pumpkin spice flavor matches perfectly with a 6.66% ABV. Very clever.



Photo Credit: North Shore Cider Company Instagram

North Shore Cider Company | Evanston, IL

The long-awaited pumpkin pie spiced cider from North Shore in Evanston is finally here, just in time for October. Unique to the rest of these beers in that it’s a brewed cider with hints of pumpkin spice, Punkin is packed in cans and available at small pubs all over Chicago.


Pumpkin Ale

Whole Hog
Photo Credit: Whole Hog Instagram

Whole Hog Beer | Stevens Point, WI

Whole Hog’s pumpkin-inspired pale ale is only located in and around Wisconsin, so you might have to take a trip up to Racine in order to taste this delectable beer. But it’s definitely worth the drive, as the spices noted in their Pumpkin Ale are all kinds of delicious.



Photo Credit: Arcadia Ales Youtube

Arcadia Brewing Company | Kalamazoo, MI

A strong, Halloween-inspired ale that amalgamates cinnamon and nutmeg with its distinct pumpkin flavor, the Jaw-Jacker is nearly irresistible in its easy drinkability. Even the smell reminds you of autumn, and you can luckily find this Arcadia brew at Louis Glunz Beer Inc. in Lincolnwood.


Pumpkin Pack

Photo Credit: O’Fallon Brewery Facebook

O’Fallon Brewery | Maryland Heights, MO

Over the years, O’Fallon has brewed four different pumpkin-inspired beers and they’ve finally decided to package them together as a tasting sampler: The Great Pumpkin, The Jack O’ Latte, Pumpkin Beer, and Salted Caramel Pumpkin Beer. Each adheres to different flavors and pairings, but all are perfectly tasty for the fall season.


Pumpkin Stout

Photo Credit: Schlafly Beer Facebook

Schlafly Beer | St. Louis, MO

The perfect blend of butternut squash and pumpkin spice flavors, this unconventional stout is both rich and savory with just a slight hint of bitterness. Whether you’re pouring yourself a Pumpkin Stout coffee, like the one pictured here, or just drinking it straight, you can’t go wrong with Schlafly’s fall concoction.



Photo Credit: New Holland Brewing Instagram

New Holland Brewing | New Holland, MI

A spooky pumpkin ale that will both chill you to the bone and warm you from the inside out, Ichabod works with flavors like nutmeg and cinnamon to complete its full-bodied taste. New Holland brews are sold all over Illinois, so you don’t have to travel too far to find this headless horseman.


Pumpkin Lager & Pumpkin Imperial Ale

Lakefront Brewery
Photo Credit: Lakefront Brewery Facebook

Lakefront Brewery | Milwaukee, WI

You’ll have to drive north for these beers, but we think they’re both worth it. Lakefront has created two distinct pumpkin beers in the past—one a lager with a spice-infused aftertaste and the other an imperial pale ale with hints of vanilla—and both are absolutely perfect for the fall season. Only sold in Milwaukee, Lakefront’s Pumpkin Lager and Pumpkin Imperial Ale are some of the best of the Midwest.


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