Here’s Where to Get The Best French Fries in Chicago

Who needs an entree when you’ve got a plate full of these golden beauties?

These are our 6 favorite places for french fries in Chicago.



House Cut Chips from Owen & Engine

Best French Fries Chicago
Photo Credit: Owen & Engine Instagram

2700 N Western, Avondale


If there is one thing I know about the Brits, it’s that they do not mess around when it comes to chips (READ: fries, obviously) y’all. And as one of Chicago’s resident British pubs, Avondale’s Owen & Engine is certainly no different.

Hand cut and served with a malt vinegar aioli, these fan favorites pair well with just about anything on the lunchtime menu. Plus, a side order will only set you back about five bucks.



Fries w/ Mornay Sauce from Au Cheval

Best French Fries Chicago
Photo Credit: Au Cheval Instagram

800 W Randolph, Fulton Market


You may know this upscale diner best for its uber famous burger, but don’t let that fool you – the french fries are easily the star of the show at Au Cheval.

Extra crispy and served complete with mornay sauce and signature fried egg, this decadent side-dish will take center stage the minute the plat hits the table. Trust us.



Loaded Fries from Edzo’s

Best French Fries in Chicago
Photo Credit: Edzo’s IG

1571 Sherman Ave, Evanston


North of the city though it may be, chances are you’re not gonna find many diners better than Edzo’s in Chicago. And where there’s a good diner, you can almost guarantee there’ll be great french fries.

Enter: Edzo’s loaded fries, topped with all the trimmings of your favorite steakhouse potato, including cheese, bacon, green onions, and sour cream. Of course, if “loaded” isn’t really your style, you could also always go for the Taylor Street variety, made with Italian beef gravy, sweet peppers, and giardiniera, or even Angry Fries served with, and I quote, “four kinds of spicy.”


Kimchi Fries from bopNgrill

Best French Fries in Chicago
Photo Credit: bopNgrill IG

Multiple Locations

Sounds weird. Tastes great.

This salty-meets-sour combo from the Korean fusion folks at bobNgrill takes your average fry to a whole new level. Made with caramelized kimchi (cooked with rendered pork fat), cheese sauce, applewood smoked bacon, scallions, sesame seeds, AND truffle oil, it’s pretty much impossible for anyone to hate on this plate.


Frietkoten Belgian Fries from The French Market

Best French Fries Chicago
Photo Credit: Chicago French Market IG

131 North Clinton, West Loop 

Where in the city should you go when you’re craving something ~French~? To the Chicago French Market, of course!

Okay, okay – yes I do know that french fries are not technically from France in origin, but thanks to a little ingenuity on the part of the CFM, we’ve got an all-access pass to the closest thing possible to the real deal. Bringing the authentic experience of a European fry shack to the good ole US of A, Frietkoten Belgian Fries is serving up cones full of perfectly cooked taters for all your french fry needs.


Cheese Fries from Portillo’s

Best French Fries Chicago
Photo Credit: Portillo’s IG

Multiple Locations

Sorry, you know I had to. It’s a classic.


Featured Image: Au Cheval


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