Best CBD Oils, Gummies, and Pre-Rolls You Can Find at Chicago CBD Shops

Considering the wide availability of CBD, you’re sure to wonder what it is and what it does. Alternatively, maybe you’ve tried it but are unaware of all the forms CBD can have. With a multitude of strains for various ailments, CBD has never been so available and so timely right here in Chicago.

For instance, if you’re looking to focus without the stress? There’s a strain for that. Maybe you’re looking to have more energy but not jittery? There’s a strain for that. In all honesty, CBD is like Oprah for your everyday aches, pains, and gripes. Imagine: as you eat a gummy, Oprah is exclaiming, “You get relief! And you get relief!” Moreover, it is also important to remember that nowadays you can even use a coupon code to secure a discount on your next CBD purchase when shopping for CBD online. Accordingly, you can learn more about some of the latest CBD coupons by taking a look at websites such as


As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want the best CMD from the full-spectrum. This way, you can get the most of the cannabinoids available from the hemp plant. In other words, full-spectrum means more naturally occurring cannabinoids. Of course, consult the knowledgeable staff at any of these local shops (albeit virtually). They are more than happy to help you find a strain and product perfect for you, your needs, and lifestyle.


Tinctures and Oils

Tincture vs. oil — same diff, right? Well, sort of. Technically speaking, tinctures and oils are slightly different. To tailor your CBD experience, be sure you know what you want CBD to do! For a more concentrated or potent option, you’ll want to try the best CBD oil on the market (albeit these are more expensive in nature). Tinctures are also a great option for those who are new to the CBD world because they are less bitter in taste and less potent. Either way, you’re sure to find relief with these products.


Find tinctures and oils at HuxHemp in Chicago, where they offer a variety of full-spectrum CBD products between the hours of 11:00 am – 4:20 pm. Most notable for Frankie and their beyond-friendly staff, HuxHemp is a beloved option for CBD newbies and CBD devotees alike.


Way better than Flintstone Gummies. Gummies are probably the tastiest of the options (and most whimsical!). The best CBD gummies range between 10mg – 30mg of CBD. Because gummies are processed through your digestive system, the effects will be in full force – but a touch delayed.


Check out Diamond Venom’s gummy selection for higher doses of CBD per gummy.


Maybe you have a routine already and smoking doesn’t fit in it. Bottom line: you want to incorporate CBD into your schedule but are unsure how to do so. There’s an option for you, too! Capsules are an effortless way to augment your daily vitamins/medications. Capsules will have a more potent dose of CBD (25 mg, full-spectrum), so you’ll need less throughout the day. Capsules are a viable option for you if you don’t necessarily enjoy lighting up a roll during the day.


Botanic Alternatives has a wide range of capsules in different dosages. Botanic Alternatives offers pickups for Wednesdays – Sundays between 11 am – 5 pm. Delivery options are available as well and their staff is happy to chat on the phone for any questions prior to purchasing.

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Two worlds collide to bring you a radical concoction: tea and CBD. In their own right, teas and CBD are naturally soothing. However, together, CBD tea is a match made in heaven. Game-changer. You’ll only increase your relaxation with the aroma, warmth, and soothing characteristics of the best CBD tea on the market. Look for specific strains and combinations that are ideal for different times during the day!

Chicago Cannabis Company has a variety of teas that are modestly priced and available for shipping!



CBD Pre-Roll or Flower

Smoking CBD flower has never been this easy – and effective! For nearly-immediate relief of anxiety or minor pains, smoking a CBD roll is a viable option. Be sure to have papers and a grinder ready if you only purchase flower. Otherwise, you can purchase pre-rolls for instant relief!

Chicago CBD and Hemp offers a variety of pre-rolls, flower, and papers for all of your CBD rolling and smoking needs.



Bath Bombs

Imagine your at-home spa day. You draw a bath in your tub and light your candles for the ultimate relaxation experience. Elevate your senses and experience with a CBD bath bomb. With enticing scents and added bubbles, the best CBD bath bombs are sure to relieve your aches, pains, and stresses.

CBD Kratom has so many CBD bath bombs that you’ll find yourself wanting a bath every day. All products are available for curbside pickup or shipping.


Let’s say you’ve been washing your hands a lot with a variety of soaps, all of which have stripped your skin of its moisturized touch. CBD lotions and salves can replenish your hands with the added benefits of botanicals and CBD.

See Naturally Green CBD for their luxurious body butter. Also available for same-day shipping in Chicago.

Lip Balm

Looking for a natural and effective method to heal your cracked lips? Or maybe you would like to try the best CBD products but aren’t exactly ready to incorporate a full-fledged regimen of such. CBD lip balm is an option that will give your lips the relief they need while also giving you a slight introduction to the benefits of hemp oil.

A88CBD offers a variety of CBD topicals — all available for shipping! A88CBD is deeply committed to making CBD products high quality and accessible, and right now, they’re offering 40-percent off your entire order.


If you’re looking to relieve your aches and pains in a targeted approach, you need to explore the wonderful world of CBD patches. Maybe you exerted yourself a little too hard on that run? Or perhaps you’re suffering from inflammation? CBD patches offer an isolated yet effective solution to some of your most stubborn and surprising aches and pains.

Foxtrot has a lot of timely and relatable patches available for purchase (and delivery!).


Essential Oils

If you’re already on the diffuser track, maybe you’ll consider a CBD essential oil. Although this might not be the most direct way to address anxiety or aches, essential oils for diffusers are a mainstream way to add a more inviting and earthy vibe to your home. After all, your home is not just a home. It’s your favorite restaurant and bar, your trusty gym, and your office. Might as well synchronize its variety of purposes with a variety of scents!

A88CBD offers a lot of relaxing scents for essential oils!

CBD has never been this available, so why not take advantage while you’re quarantined?


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