A Night on the River – A Chicago Time-Lapse Project

Max Wilson is at it again! A few of his amazing Time-lapse photography projects have come across our radar previously, and we’ve been more than happy to share them with all of you. This time is no different, and if we had to rank Wilson’s amazing videos…. Well, we can’t. They’re all just too damn beautiful.


How do you describe something so phenomenal? Honestly, we don’t know, so we’ll let Max do the talking for us:

“This is timelapse footage that was shot on the evening of the The Great Chicago Fire Festival put on by the Redmoon Theater along the Chicago River on 10-4-14. My partners and I went out that night with an atempt to try and capture the evening through timelapse and video. Even though the event did not go off completely as planned, there were plenty of great visuals to be captured along with good friends.”


A Night on the River makes us want to do just that, get out there and check out the Riverwalk before the weather gets too chilly.

Obviously, all credit here goes to Wilson and his team. We’re happy to feature his projects on our site, but you can find the complete collection of Max’s work at chicagotimelapse.org/


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