8 Hopeful Ways People Have Shown Their Humanity During the Coronavirus Pandemic 

While things might seem bleak, there is still good in the world. Here’s the proof.


Chris Martin gave a mini concert to fans over Instagram Live

Coldplay’s Chris Martin started a trend on Instagram Live called #TogetherAtHome and did a 30-minute concert for fans who suggested songs in the comments. He’s hoping other celebrities will follow; John Legend already did!

Italians quarantined in their homes are singing together

Videos just like this have circled the internet, showing that the human spirit really is unbreakable. Italians are singing together from their balconies, making music and the world go ’round at the same damn time.


The Venetian canals are clearing up because there’s less traffic

You can see fish for the first time in years in the Venetian canals, and the swans have returned to paddle the river.


People stuck inside worked out from their balconies thanks to this fitness instructor

This fitness instructor wasn’t going to let anyone get out of shape. People came out on their balconies to get a workout in even though they’re quarantined at home.

A cornershop in Scotland is giving away free supplies to the elderly

This couple bought a bunch of hand sanitizer and face masks and are giving the supplies away for free to the elderly. Like a bunch.

NBA Player Zion Williams donated cash to Pelicans arena staff

NBA players who don’t have a season this year are donating cash to the hard workers who run their stadiums and are now without jobs.

Shedd Aquarium took their penguins on a field trip of the other exhibits

Wellington is just the kind of content we needed today. His trip to the other exhibits didn’t end on day one, either. The Shedd is letting its penguins roam the aquarium while visitors aren’t allowed over the next few weeks.

Brad Paisley opened a free grocery store and is now delivering goods to the elderly in Tennessee

The Store opened over the weekend, a free, pop-up grocery store to help out the elderly at risk in Tennessee. Now they’re offering delivery to those who are confined to their homes.


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