8 Classic White Sox Games Southsiders Can Watch at Home

As we head into June, many of us can’t help but miss baseball season this year with the league shut down due to the coronavirus. With the league still facing many question marks as they attempt to reopen, there’s no telling when baseball will return. And, for Chicago fans, we’re missing the game twice as much with two teams in our city. Last week, we covered some of the best Chicago Cubs games to help fill your baseball needs, and don’t worry Southside fans, you’re up next. These are some of the best Chicago White Sox games from recent history to watch at home while the season is suspended.

Best Chicago White Sox Games


The “Punch AJ” Game

Who didn’t AJ Pierzynski piss off in his 19 years in the league? If you answered with former Cubs catcher, Michael Barret, you’d be wrong. We won’t spoil the final score, but this Crosstown Classic game from 2006 is easily one of the most exciting White Sox games in history.


Abreau Bats the Cycle

While Pierzynski may be good at taking hits, Abreau is more known for dishing them out. In this throwback White Sox game, current first baseman José Abreau bats the cycle for the sixth time in team history. And don’t even get us started on that final box score…


The Blackout Game 

Normally, teams play 162 games in an MLB season, but that wasn’t the case for the Sox in 2008. Tied for first with the Minnesota Twins in the AL Central, the teams needed an extra game for the tiebreaker. Famously known as the “Blackout Game,” this matchup decided who would move on to play in October.


Tim Anderson’s Bat Flip Game

It’s a shame we haven’t seen Tim Anderson play this summer after winning the AL Batting Title last season. Luckily, the team posted one of his biggest highlight games with his famous bat flip celebration. Hopefully, we’ll see Tim Anderson flex his batting skills sometime soon.


2005 World Series – Game 2

There’s nothing more exciting than a game-winner in sports, especially if it’s by your team. In game two of the 2005 World Series, former Sox outfielder Scott Podsednik gave the team a 2-0 lead in the series with his walk-off home run.


2005 World Series – Game 3

Not every game came easy in the White Sox 11-1 run during the 2005 postseason, especially World Series game 3. After 14 innings of play, the Sox pick up the W in the third-longest World Series game in league history. Make sure to block off plenty of time to watch this throwback White Sox game.


Mark Buerhle’s Perfect Game 

Ask any Chicago White Sox fan who followed the team in 2009 and they can probably tell you exactly where they were for this game. Facing the Tampa Bay Rays, Buerhle tossed the second perfect game in team history to secure the win. From DeWayne Wise’s catch to announcer Hawk Harrelson’s incredible TV broadcast, this game has it all for Sox fans.

World Series Game 4

The last game on this list is one of our favorites that we’ve covered in the pastUp 3-0 in the World Series against the Houston Astros, the White Sox needed one more win to wear the crown. In this classic White Sox game, the team holds the Astros to zero runs to bring home their first title in 88 years. 


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