7 Places to Hit Up Before They Close for the Season
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7 Places to Hit Up Before They Close for the Season

Miller Lite Beer Garden

7 Places to Hit Up Before They Close for the Season

Everybody knows that Summertime Chi is the best season of the year: patios, rooftops, public pools, and beaches are open to the public, making the city’s most exciting places at peak accessibility. But we also know this warm weather doesn’t last forever, which is why many of these places close for the winter season. There are some key places you just have to visit one last time, whether you’ve spent the whole summer there or haven’t had a chance to frequent yet.

These are seven places you should hit up before they close for the season.




Photo Credit: Castaways Facebook

The giant beached boathouse-turned-restaurant has a limited season from May to September, which means that you need to get to the beach while you still can! Castaways is currently offering 10% off reservations to host your end-of-summer party at their location, so take full advantage and have one last badass beach banger this September. Which leads me to our next summer closeout…


Chicago Beaches

North Avenue Beach

Photo Credit: North Avenue Beach Facebook

The 2018 swimming season officially ended over Labor Day weekend, which is slightly outrageous, considering how hot it still is going into fall. But considering that lifeguards have left their stations for the season, I suppose there are good reasons for having it structured this way. Nevertheless, even though you can’t swim, Chicago beaches are still open for anyone laying out, playing volleyball, or taking a stroll, so you should definitely hit them up before the cold season kicks in.


Miller Lite Beer Garden

Miller Lite Beer Garden

Photo Credit: Miller Lite Beer Garden Facebook

This popular, Navy Pier beer oasis has a structured season from May to October, meaning you still have two full months to get your drank on this season. While the live music lineup has already ended for the summer, it’s still a perfect autumn venture to head to the Miller Lite Beer Garden and enjoy the atmosphere. But speaking of Navy Pier…


Seasonal Navy Pier Rides

Navy Pier

Photo Credit: Navy Pier Facebook

Sure, some Navy Pier attractions are open year-round, but some of the major amusement rides probably wouldn’t be very much fun in freezing weather. The Pepsi Wave Swinger, Carousel, Light Tower Ride, Climbing Walls, and Remote Controlled Boats all close for the season later this month, so if you’re a thrill-seeker, head to Navy Pier for one last wild ride.


Ice Cream Shops




Photo Credit: Gordo’s Facebook

The Printer’s Row location will close sometime before Thanksgiving season, with an opening sometime in late spring, all dependent on the weather. If you’re a Gordo’s fan, it’s time to get out there before winter steals it from us. However, the Edgewater location will be open year-round, so you still have a place to go to get your fix if you need it.


Scooter’s Frozen Custard

Scooter’s is open probably the longest of any ice cream shop (minus the ones remaining open all season long), with a season from March 2–November 30 this year. Make sure to get your fix at Scooter’s while you still can!


Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack

Photo Credit: Sugar Shack Facebook

This classic, neighborhood ice cream shop is only open through October this year, which means that any day leading up to Halloween is a great day to visit Sugar Shack.



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