6 Best Colleges & Universities to Attend in Chicago, IL

Chicago is known for a lot of things—like deep dish pizza and Malört—and when it comes to education, we’ve got some of the best institutes in the world. From prestigious private schools to technology learning centers, we have compiled a list of the best colleges and universities in Chicago.

Northwestern University

Located just outside of Chicago, Northwestern University is one of the country’s leading private research and teaching institutions. This university in Chicago features over 500 clubs and student organizations, cutting-edge programs and curriculum, a rich history of producing successful scholars, and a top flight journalism school with premiere editing services. Plus, their tailgates are pretty epic. 

University of Chicago 

Situated in the Hyde Park neighborhood, the University of Chicago is 217 acres of urban meets scenic college town. Students can select from more than 50 majors and 40 minors with everything from history to environmental studies. Oh and the university has 91 Nobel Prize winners in its ranks. Impressive, right? 

DePaul University

With five campuses in and around Chicago, DePaul University scores a ton of points for their accessibility. The university offers 300 student organizations, excellent Liberal Arts and Social Sciences programs, and a variety of sports teams. The Blue Demons help DePaul stand out from the rest.

Loyola University

Known for their business, law, and medical programs, Loyola University is another solid school. If you’re looking for the best colleges in Chicago with law programs, Loyola offers an accelerated 3-3 year option that is ideal for undergraduates. Some famous alumni you may know: Michael Quinlan (former CEO of McDonald’s), Ian Brennan (co-creator of the TV show Glee).

Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) made our list of the best colleges in Chicago due to the fact that they offer a wide variety of engineering programs, including biomedical, mechanical, and aerospace, as well as degrees in the sciences and architecture. They routinely pump out top-notch alumni like James Roche, former secretary of the Air Force and Victor Tsao, founder of Linksys.

University of Illinois at Chicago

Here’s a fun fact: the UIC College of Medicine is the largest medical school in the country. What’s more, the folks at UIC raised $32 million in funding to support COVID-19 vaccine trials and research. A few familiar alumni include well-known lobbyist Tony Podesta, former CNN anchor Bernard Shaw, and Blues musician Billy Branch.

Chicago Colleges Featured Image by Michael Wysmierski from Pixabay 

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