5 Best Places to Eat a Great Salad in Chicago

Whether you’re totally veg-friendly or just a carnivore in search of some supplements, salads are a great meal with which you can get all of your veggie intake for the day in one delicious bowl of greens. Plus, it’s become, like, a staple of adulthood to make salads every once in a while. Might as well jump on board.

Here are the five best places to eat a great salad in Chicago.


Native Foods Cafe

Native Foods
Photo Credit: Native Foods Facebook

Multiple Locations

Some of the best vegan food in Chicago is cultivated here, which means their salad-making game is so up to par it’s impossible to pass up. You’ll love the way Native Foods uses plant-based ingredients in all of their salads without compromising the delicious tastes of BBQ chicken and taco meat (used with seitan and other meat substitutes).


The Goddess and Grocer

Goddess and Grocer
Photo Credit: Goddess and Grocer Facebook

Multiple Locations

This food is made fresh every single day, so you know their salads are going to be delicious. They have plenty of options for you to choose from, but our favorite has to be the Goddess Chopped Veggie, which includes a variety of ingredients like avocado, red tomatoes, and garbanzo beans, topped with their delectable goddess dressing. Can you say yum?


LiteHouse Whole Food Grill

Photo Credit: LiteHouse Whole Food Grill Facebook

1660 E 55th St

This Hyde Park mainstay has the creative option to customize anything on their Wraps, Salads, and Bowls menu to be one of those three things. The Cranberry Chicken Salad is the highlight of their menu and the Terrific Tofu is totally vegan-friendly.


R.J. Grunts

R.J. Grunts
Photo Credit: R.J. Grunts Facebook

2056 N Lincoln Park W

Known for its massive selection of greens, R.J. Grunts does the self-serve salad bar right. Even if you’re a vegan accompanying your friends on a trip to this burger palace, you will be fully satisfied by the choices provided at their salad bar. For just $15.95, you can indulge in an all-you-can-eat veggie buffet.


3 Greens Market

3 Greens Market
Photo Credit: 3 Greens Market Facebook

354 W Hubbard St

Turning restaurants on their heads in a mind-blowing twist of traditional dining order, 3 Greens Market makes your salad the main course. This self-serve salad bar is open all day and leaves you to pick and choose what goes into your delectable bowl of greens for a healthy meal through and through. 


Featured Photo Credit: Goddess and Grocer Facebook


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