12 Restaurants With the Best French Fries in Chicago

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Crispy, wedge, curly, sweet potato, waffle, steak, standard, shoestring, crinkle cut… there are endless types of French fries and we love ’em all. This list is for the people who can’t resist saying ‘yes’ to, “Would you like fries with that?” From fast food to high-end restaurants, here are our picks for the best place in Chicago to get french fries. 

french fries chicago
Photo Credit: French Market

Frietkoten Belgian Fries & Beer

131 N Clinton St, Chicago, IL 60661


If you want good fries, one of the countries that truly gets it right is Belgium. Stop by the French Market to get Belgian-style fries and a cold mug of beer. Hand cut and salty, these fries are unforgettable, especially if you take advantage of one of the 12 dipping sauces like truffle aioli or harissa aioli. 

french fries chicago
Photo Credit: Au Cheval

Au Cheval 

800 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607


Au Cheval in Chicago does many things well, and their french fries are no exception. You can get the crispy fries with an egg on top for a deliciously tasty meal. 

french fries chicago
Photo Credit: Pleasant House

Pleasant House Bakery

2119 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60608


Thicker than normal, the fries at Pleasant House Bakery are crispy on the outside but cooked to perfection on the inside.

fried chicken chicago
Photo Credit: Chef Luciano’s

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french fries chicago
Photo Credit: BIG & little

BIG & Little

860 N Orleans St, Chicago, IL 60610


If you’re looking for a place to get the best french fries in Chicago, Big & Little serves regular, truffle, and cajun fries. However, the real treat is the foie gras & fries. With the delicious duck on top of the crispy fries, it is a decadent and creamy treat. 

french fries chicago
Photo Credit: Hopleaf


5148 N Clark St. Chicago, Illinois 60640


You can get the fries on their own, or you can get them loaded with smoke brisket, beer cheese, pickled red onions, and chives.

Susie’s Drive-Thru

4126 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60641


Open 24 hours, this tiny counter-serve diner delivers crispy french fries near you that are some of the best in the city. Pair it with a milkshake to complete the dining experience. Their online presence might be small, but their fries pack a big punch!

french fries chicago
Photo Credit: Friistyle


5059 S Prairie Ave, Chicago, IL 60615

Friistyle does fries like no one else in the city. On their menu is a Wing Frite, with smoked chicken wings on top of a bed of fries, or an Italian Beef Frite that comes on top of fries. 

french fries chicago
Photo Credit: RAISED


1 W Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601

It takes Raised one full day to make these delicious crispy fries. They have three different flavors: salt & pepper, truffle, and parmesan rosemary frites. Get these french fries in Chicago with a side of homemade black garlic aioli, chili ketchup, or mushroom aioli dipping sauce. 

Photo Credit: Edzo’s

Edzo’s Burger Shop

1571 Sherman Ave Evanston, IL 60201

Nothing is better than a burger and fries, and Edzo’s is one of the best places to get it. While you can get the fries solo, you can also get them loaded or in a variety of flavors, including garlic and Cajun. Keep an eye out for specials like lobster fries, which are as delicious as they sound. 

Photo Credit: Bopngrill


6604 N Sheridan Rd Chicago, IL 60626

For a unique type of spuds, check out bopNgrill, which adds a healthy portion of kimchi, bacon, cheese, fries, and truffle on top of their fries for a salty and spicy meal. 

french fries chicago
Photo Credit: Superkhana

Superkhana International 

3059 W Diversey Ave Chicago, IL 60647

You wouldn’t expect an Indian-inspired restaurant would serve perfect fries, but Superkhana International delivers. The French Fry Manchurian comes with sesame, scallions, and an aioli dipping sauce. 

french fries chicago
Photo Credit: Chiya Chai

Chiya Chai Cafe

2770 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60647 | 66 E Wacker Dr, Community Market Chicago, IL 60601

Located in Logan Square of Chicago, this Nepalese cafe has on the menu thick french fries served with a delicious curry sauce. 


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