World’s First Floating Popsicle Stand Makes Lake Days in Austin Way Better

It’s no secret that here in Austin we love to be out on the lake. And now we have even more of a reason to enjoy it. We’re very lucky to have Lady Bird Lake and Barton Springs be the new homes of the world’s first floating popsicle stand!

The popsicle stand came about in kind of an awesome way because the owner really made the best out of a less than ideal situation. It seems almost everyone these days is having to be a little more innovative and open-minded about work opportunities. For the owner of Pallet Pops, it was exactly that innovation that brought about such an exciting idea.

In the owner’s story post on Instagram, he says that he was hoping to “bring back some of that funky Austin spirit,” and we have to say, he absolutely succeeded. Pallet Pops may have only opened in June, but it’s so quintessentially Austin it may as well have been around for years. Entering into August, the stand has only become more popular and more beloved. We’re hoping they’ll stick around for many summers to come.

These aren’t your typical popsicles, no, if anything we’d call them craft popsicles. And if that wasn’t a thing before, Pallet Pops has made it one. Their popsicles are offered in a wide range of unique and delicious flavors, made from fresh fruits with no syrups or dyes — and there’s even a boozy option! 

The boozy popsicles are priced at $7 with some awesome flavors such as Guava Cosmo, Watermelon Margarita, and Piña Colada. And delicious non-boozy flavors such as Lemon Drop, Mango Tajin, and Cookies and Cream, priced at $4. They’re perfect for the whole family to enjoy!


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Even better, all transactions are done through Venmo, so you don’t have to mess with cash or credit cards, or risk losing a wallet out on the lake. Be careful with your phone though, no one wants to lose one of those either!

You can reach the Pallet Pops stand through any method of water transportation, though paddleboards, kayaks, and multi-person floaties seem to be the most popular choice for most Austinites out on the lake. They’re open Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 7 p.m. and they follow the same route. Typically setting off from the Texas Rowing Dock, heading to Lou Neff Point (where Barton Springs runs into Lady Bird Lake), then turning down Barton Creek, and finally going back towards the dock.

From building a raft out of free stuff on Craigslist to running now one of the most popular popsicle stands in Austin, Pallet Pops is not only a heart-warming success story; it’s also the perfect way to refresh and cool off after being out in the sun. But get there quickly! There’s a limited supply and, with all the amazing flavors and multitude of people enjoying the lake on the weekends, it’s easy for the stand to sell out.


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