These Are the Best Beers You Can Find Brewed in Central Austin

Austin is chock-full of breweries with more styles of beer than we can even count! But what are the best beers in central Austin? It’s a difficult question to answer, with taste being so subjective, so we decided to look for fantastic beers that anyone would recognize — and enjoy — straight away. Here’s to the best beers in Austin!

Pinthouse: Electric Jellyfish

Once upon a time, Electric Jellyfish was a beer you could only find at Pinthouse. Well, the people kept asking and now this spectacular new school hazy IPA can be found pretty much anywhere in Austin! It’s got notes of mango, orange, and lychee, while still maintaining it’s bitterness — well balanced and refreshing!

Pinthouse: Old Beluga

Old Beluga is another Pinthouse O.G. It’s an amber ale whose recipe blends together the English-style Extra Special Bitter and the American Amber. Malty, nutty, a hint of cherry — what’s not to love?

St Elmo: Carl

Carl might just be the best kölsch around town. It has notes of malt, slight fruitiness,Tettnanger Hops, and Kölsch yeast. Delicate and extremely refreshing, St Elmo’s says it tastes like the month of May — and honestly, we can see why.

Brewtorium: Dry Hopped Goldspur

Brewtorium has done a few different renditions of the Goldspur, this particular one takes their Belgian Blonde Ale base and adds English Target and Idaho 7 hops throughout the brewing process. It’s a little bitter from notes of orange peels, but also has a light floral aroma.

Brewtorium: Electric Lederhosen

Electric Lederhosen is a very tasty, traditional Vienna lager. It’s one of those beers that you can drink literally whenever — it’s satisfying and very refreshing, never feels too heavy in your stomach. 

Blue Owl: Dapper Devil

Blue Owl is known for producing some of the sourest beers around Austin, but Dapper Devil keeps things balanced. It’s another Belgian-style ale, but very fruity and crisp, with strong notes of raspberry — making it nicely sweet and sour.

Blue Owl: Van Dayum

Van Dayum is a much-loved sour red ale. It’s malty and caramel-y like an ale would be, but has a very rich fruit taste that gives it that nice sour kick. Plus you can find it year round!

Austin Beerworks: Sputnik

You don’t find a ton of stouts around Austin, they definitely exist, but it’s so hot out that they aren’t quite as popular until we get into the cold-ish months or some really solid AC. But Sputnik is definitely one of the best in town, it’s oaty, chocolatey, with strong flavors of coffee — so good!


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