Lost Irish Whiskey Launches in Austin Just in Time for St. Patrick’s Day

Born in Ireland. Lost in the world. Lost Irish is a new modern whiskey inspired by wanderlust for world travel, adventure, and the many stories of the Irish across the globe. Arriving in Austin just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Lost Irish is elevating festivities and celebrations with a more worldly whiskey full of flavor from around the globe – one bottle at a time. Made from casks sourced from six continents and triple distilled using all three whiskey production styles, Lost Irish embodies the wandering Irish Spirit like no other whiskey out there.

In true Lost Irish spirit, the modern-day Irish population is in almost every corner of the earth. With over 70 million dispersed around the globe, Lost Irish Whiskey reflects Ireland’s true home—the world. Using casks sourced from Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America, Lost Irish Whiskey captures multiple flavor profiles that reflect the global modern-day Irish community.

This St. Patrick’s Day, Lost Irish encourages consumers to add a layer of complexity and flavor to celebrations by adding a touch of its whiskey. Lost Irish uses all three styles of whiskey – grain, malt and pot still – making it untraditional for Irish whiskey. The grain style adds a distinct lightness to the blend with honey and vanilla sweetness. The malt adds a rich and rounded balance, with fruity notes of pineapple, apple, and pear. And the addition of a classic pot still style delivers a full and creamy mouthfeel of plum jam, rummy raisin with a hint of chilli prickle spice.

While the Lost Irish adventurous spirit brings creativity and originality, some practices are just too good to lose. Lost Irish celebrates Ireland’s triple distillation process, which delivers a renowned smoothness, unlike other whiskeys.

Tim Herlihy, co-founder of Lost Irish, proudly says “I’m so excited for people all around the world to experience Lost Irish, especially as St. Patrick’s Day draws closer. Rather than drinking a green beer, pick up a bottle of Lost Irish to elevate your St. Patrick’s Day festivities and celebrate the wandering Irish spirit wherever you are in the world.”

For those yearning to try this wanderlust-inspired whiskey, Lost Irish is available nationally through ReserveBar.com and in select states, including New York, California, Florida, Illinois, and Texas.

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Photo Credit: Joanna Lin

Where to Drink Lost Irish in Austin

These bars would be great to head to on St. Patrick’s Day and were handpicked by Jack Coghlan Murray, Lost Irish brand ambassador who grew up in Dublin and now lives in Austin.

  • Armadillo Den in South Austin will be serving traditional Irish Coffee (recipe below) and an Irish Drop Shot.
  • Container Bar in the Rainey District will be serving an Irish Mule
  • Lustre Pearl (Rainey, East + South) will be serving an Irish Mule.
  • Nickel City in East Austin will be serving a Green Tea.

Lost Irish Recipes

Itching to make your own cocktail out of this untraditional Irish whiskey? Try these original recipes.

Photo Credit: Joanna Lin

Lost Gold

2 oz (60 ml) Lost Irish
.75 oz (20 ml) honey syrup
.75 oz (20 ml) lemon juice
1. Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled shaker
2. Shake until well chilled, about 10 seconds
3. Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass
4. Garnish with a lemon peel
lost irish whiskey
Photo Credit: Joanna Lin

Lost Irish Coffee

1.5 oz Lost Irish
.5 oz demerara syrup
3.5 oz medium dark roast coffee
Thumb of prepared heavy cream
1. Preheat a 6 oz heatproof glass by filling with hot water.
2. Once warm, empty the glass.
3. Add whiskey, simple syrup and coffee to glass and quickly stir to combine ingredients.
4. Float a thumb layer of cream over the top
Featured Image Credit: Joanna Lin

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