Ways to Vote in Austin, Texas in 2020: Early Voting & Polling Locations

It’s getting to be voting season again, but how does that all work? The whole process of voting, from getting registered to actually heading to a polling location in Austin, Texas can definitely seem daunting. Each state is different and there are a lot of rules. But, we’re here to share all the deadlines and ways and everything you need to know about early voting in Austin.

Important Deadlines

Starting with the big one, Election day in Austin falls on November 3rd, 2020. But in reality, there are a few other times you can vote. Early Voting begins even earlier this year on October 13th and runs till October 30th. Of course, before voting, you’ll need to be registered, and this year that deadline is October 5th.

Registration Tips

Registration to vote in Austin, Texas is not hard, though there are a few key things to remember. You can fill out an application online, or you can request a form to be mailed to you. But, it’s important to note that applications must be either mailed back or dropped off in person, there is no online registration. 

Please note: if you move within the same county you’ll need to fill out a change of address, and if you move to a new county – you’ll need to fully register again.

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Ways to Vote

There are a couple of different ways to vote in Austin. You can either head to a polling location, or mail your ballot. So far it seems like visiting a polling location is the most hassle-free as they’re all over Austin and the voting systems are easy to use, but it is definitely possible to use the mailing option.

Mail-In Voting

If you choose to vote early through the mail, you’ll want to send your ballot so that it arrives no later than October 23rd. For the general election day, this deadline is November 4th before 5:00 pm, BUT it must be postmarked showing it was in the mail by November 3rd.

There are typically restrictions for early mail-in voting in Austin, and while COVID is not technically considered to be a reason to mail-in a ballot, it is still possible to do so. Travis County Clerk Dana DeBauvoir released a statement describing a sort of (totally legal) loophole that will allow everyone to vote by mail should they choose to do so! 

That’s everything you need to know about voting in Austin, Texas in 2020. We hope this makes you excited to go out and vote. Stay safe and make it count!

Not in Texas? For more information about voting in your state please visit Better Know a Ballot to find out how you can make your vote count.

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