Experience Southern Comfort at These Cozy Bars and Restaurants in Austin

Around the holiday season, all you wanna do is slide into a big, comfy booth and share a few drinks with some people you love. What makes a cozy bar is often a mixture of low lighting, great drinks, comfort food, and seating you can sink into. Here are some of the best cozy bars and restaurants in Austin where you can get the full Southern comfort experience.

Ah Sing Den

1100 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

Tucked into a corner on 6th Street, Ah Sing Den has the comfiest lounge chairs and booths you could ask for. One of the best cozy bars in Austin, Ah Sing Den serves gorgeous cocktails and all the lowlit ambiance you could ask for.

Moonshine Grill

303 Red River St, Austin, TX, 78701

An American-inspired brunch spot that makes use of one of Austin’s famous Sunday Houses, Moonshine Grill has that Southern comfort you’re looking for in a cozy restaurant. For nights, make sure to hit up Kinfolk, the cozy bar hidden in their basement.

1417 French Bistro

1417 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

If you walk into a restaurant, and they’re making use of rugs, you know it’s a cozy spot. This French restaurant has a menu that will keep you warm all season long as you’re tucked into one of their big, plush booths.
An industrial bar that gives speakeasy, complete with velvet booths and exposed brick: that’s The Roosevelt Room for you. It just screams cozy romance to us, with its low lighting and friendly bartenders.


3110 Guadalupe St #400, Austin, TX 78705
Hopfields has that secretive vibe that keeps you coming back for more. A primarily French menu with some craft beer selections, long, heavy drapery, and some vintage-looking cutlery and dishware make this one of the best cozy bars in Austin.

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