8 Best Wineries For An End of Summer Treat in Austin, TX

Whether you’re enjoying a good southern brisket or a classier New Orleans inspired french dish, a cool glass of wine is the perfect complement to your meal and your evening. Austin and the surrounding Hill Country boasts some of the best culinary experiences in the Southwest, but their wine selections are often what steals the show! From deep, Southern-fermented reds to cool shimmering whites and rosés, these Austin area wineries offer some of the best vino around.

The Austin Winery

Austin’s namesake winery is the first full production, grape to glass winery inside Austin City limits. In the five years since they opened, they have scaled to producing over 6,000 barrels of Austin wine per year. Now, they offer many young and innovative wines that continually rewrite the Texan wine landscape.

Bent Oak Winery

Minutes outside Austin snugly nestled into Hill Country, Bent Oak Winery boasts a range of Texan wines sourced from vineyards across the Southwest. Every wine is a unique blend of quality, care, and Southern pride, and they offer a wide range of reds and blends for tasting and purchasing.

Infinite Monkey Theorem

An urban winery in the heart of Austin, this funky taproom offers a range of house made reds, whites, and rosés with grapes sourced from the Texan High Plains. They focus on breaking the mold by creating high-quality wines without the spilling vineyards, producing consistently good wines in a fun, fresh urban atmosphere.

Wanderlust Wine Co.

Founded by a traveler with a heart for exploration, Wanderlust Wine Company in Austin, Texas collects the best tastes from around the world and distills them into high-quality wines for your home and drinking pleasure. This winery offers 56 wines with flavors from around the world. Discover a new world each bottle of wine.

Posted by Water 2 Wine Round Rock on Monday, September 7, 2015

Water 2 Wine

Uncork the winery experience at Water 2 Wine, an actual operating winery where all wines are blended, oaked, and fermented on-site. Grapes are sourced from vineyards around the world to bring you an outstanding collection of wines made right here in Austin. Come in and do a tasting, buy a bottle, or even make your own “batch” of wine with your own personalized wine label.

El Gaucho Winery

A bit farther outside Austin but still very much worth the drive, El Gaucho Winery offers an Argentian take on wine that blends cultural traditions with delicious wine. The Hill Country where El Gaucho sits bears a striking resemblance to the parts of Mendoza, Argentina where its wines are made and the owners hail from. Enjoy a distinctly Argentian-American experience and a good glass of wine here all year round!

Our 6.5% ABV Blackberry juice is crushin' it this Wednesday! What are y'all drinking? #purehoney #realfruit ✨

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Meridian Hive

Tucked into a quaint neighborhood in Austin, Texas, Meridian Hive is a winery that focuses on making excellent wines that use delicious and environmentally conscious honey in order to promote bee populations and bee safety. The award-winning wine will pair well with many meals and benefits the bees worldwide!

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Fall Creek Vineyards

Planted in 1975, Fall Creek Vineyards is the first Texas Hill Country winery that is responsible for preserving and putting Texan (and Austin) vineyards on the map! Their hard work and world-class wines identified the Texas Hill Country region as a recognized and respected viticultural region, already a natural tourist attraction with beautiful hills and lakes, acclaimed chefs, and now their permanent winery with delicious and famous tastings!

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