6 Major Celebrities Who Call Austin Home

Have you ever been hanging out around Austin and seen a face that was oddly familiar? Well it may have actually been one of the many celebrities who call Austin home! But they don’t just live here; many of them have brought with them their own additions to this weird city we all call home.


Matthew McConaughey

Everyone knows Matthew McConaughey from major movies like Interstellar, Dallas Buyers Club, and Dazed and Confused. But here in Austin, we know him as the guy who never misses a UT football game, a teacher, and (as one of the club owners and supporters) Austin FC’s biggest fan.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is Austin’s most renowned country singers and songwriters — so much so he even has a statue Downtown! At 88 years old, he still plays tons of shows and is a major activist for a variety of societal issues. Catch him headlining at the Outlaw Music Festival in Austin this August. 

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock has done it all. She’s been in — and produced — some of the biggest movies of our generation. Here in Austin, things are a little different; she owns an adorable little shop called Walton’s Fancy and Staple that’s a deli, bakery, and flower shop all rolled into one.

Elijah Wood

Is that Daniel Radcliffe? Nope, it’s Elijah Wood! We’re sure he’s tired of that comparison by now, but we’re hoping he’s not tired of Austin. He’s best known for being one of the world’s most beloved hobbits and savior of Middle Earth, but these days you can catch him scootering around South Congress and hanging out all over Austin.

Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles

You may know these two from their monster hunting days as co-stars on Supernatural, but when the duo decided to bring their families and put down roots in Austin, they developed a few other passions. You’ll see them having family boating days on Lake Austin, the pair own San Jac Saloon downtown, and Jensen owns a brewery, Family Business, just outside Austin.

Elon Musk

You heard right! One of the newest celebrities to the Austin community is the one and only Elon Musk. The Tesla Gigafactory is currently under construction, and the Musk Foundation, focusing on renewable energy, science and engineering, and health, has just moved to Austin as well. 


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