8 Best Suburbs to Live Near Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is a town full of the city-life hustle and bustle that’s expected of an international destination. However, maybe you’re looking to settle down in the areas around Phoenix that offer a little more of that “suburbia” feel while keeping yourself close to the amenities in Phoenix. If that’s the case, you might be interested in the 8 best suburbs to live near Phoenix!

Featured image credit: Downtown Tempe


With some of the best public (and private) schools in the Valley, Scottsdale offers a feeling of safety that many feel when walking through this town at all hours. Additionally, Scottsdale’s downtown area has heavily invested in recreation, the arts, and high fashion. You will never be bored if you make this your home.

Queen Creek

Looking for high value real estate and a more rural feel to the neighborhoods? What about quality parks and a significantly low crime rate? Queen Creek may be your ideal suburb near Phoenix if you’re looking for beautiful parks and landscapes. 

Paradise Valley

Yet another community-centered suburb of Phoenix, Paradise Valley is small and safe with a local mall, and parents seek it out for its great schools — while homeowners seek it out for the high value real estate.


Featuring cafés, Chandler Fashion Center, and a dense suburban feel with young professionals and families alike, Chandler is a popular suburb near Phoenix for anyone looking to enjoy and explore their community with a sense of wonder. It is also never short of breathtaking views and the beauty of nature. Explore the mysteries behind the shadow of beautiful mountains, or take a bike ride across the city as you discover the various artisan shops scattering around!


From the numerous museums and parks to the delectable eateries and international food markets, Mesa is a hot spot for collegiate residents as well as families. As the third-largest city in Arizona, Mesa is famous for its vibrant arts culture and various restaurants. Furthermore, the expansions of Phoenix public transportation have made Mesa more accessible than ever! 


Gilbert is probably one of the safest suburbs near Phoenix. Its extremely low crime rate and high-quality schools made it one of the family-friendliest towns near Phoenix. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll get bored settling down in Gilbert. Entertainment, shopping, and culture in the area have been rapidly growing. There are so many hidden gems in this town waiting for you to discover.

Cave Creek

Cave Creek is another small community within reach of the denser Scottsdale. As the name suggests, Cave Creek offers beautiful scenic areas for hikers, bikers, and horse riders to explore. In addition, the suburb near Phoenix also has a robust shopping district with different entertainment and stores. Plus, the cave creed housing market is booming right now. Therefore, now is the perfect time to make the move if you’re looking for a new, beautiful home. 


The urban-suburban feel of this college town is something that has appealed to young professionals and students both. It is filled with amazing, diverse cuisine and entertainment options galore. If you’re looking to settle in a suburban area to focus on your personal growth while having fun like you should be, Tempe would be your best choice.

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