Breaking Coronavirus News: Arizona Residents Ages 16 or Older Are Eligible for the COVID-19 Vaccine

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, new regulations and vaccine opportunities came to Arizona. If you haven’t heard, the Chandler-Gilbert Community College has opened a new vaccination site. This week, we have more breaking news on coronavirus updates in Arizona. Take a look!

New Covid 19 Vaccine Eligibility

As of March 24, 2021, Arizonans aged 16 and older have become eligible for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at state-run vaccination sites, compared to the previous eligible age of 55. This developing news is welcomed by the community because a majority of residents in Arizona can now receive a coronavirus vaccine. 

According to Governor Ducey, this was a data-driven decision: “…given a thorough review of vaccination data, anticipated vaccine supply, and current demand among prioritized groups, now is the time to take this critical next step.”

However, pay attention that the 16-year-old age eligibility only applies to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in Arizona. The eligible age to receive Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines is 18 years old.

What to Do if You Can’t Book an Appointment Online

As of now, new appointments for COVID-19 vaccines in Arizona open at 11 a.m. every Friday at state-run sites, including State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Phoenix Municipal Stadium in Tempe, CGCC, the University of Arizona in Tucson, and Yuma Civic Center in Yuma County. Nonetheless, many have pointed out that the online scheduling system tends to be fully booked within seconds.

Based on the feedback we’ve gathered from followers, you can call the following number for an appointment if the online system lets you down.

AZ State Department of Health


Trending Coronavirus News: Restrictions Lifted!

If you have been following the breaking coronavirus news in Arizona, Governor Ducey officially lifted all COVID-19 restrictions on March 25, 2021 for events and businesses, including the face mask mandates. This decision came after the announcement that three million residents have received the COVID-19 vaccination. Further, the new order requests towns, counties, and states to lift mask mandates. 

Additionally, according to the new COVID-19 order, bars, restaurants, and other businesses in Arizona will also return to normal operations. However, businesses can still choose to enforce safety restrictions based on their best judgments.

Should You Let Your Guard Down Already?

We are all excited to go back to normal and have a fun summer ahead. However, it’s up to us to keep everyone safe during the after-season of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are unsure about how cautious you should be, take a look at the Arizona COVID-19 Dashboard and make your most informed decisions.

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