6 Places to Get Incredible Ramen in Phoenix

In the cool air, nothing really sounds like it’ll hit the spot quite like ramen! That’s why we’re directing you to the best ramen in Phoenix for a hot noodle dish and that broth you can’t stop thinking about. It’s time for you to find your new favorite place to eat — and we can help!

Nishikawa Ramen

3141 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016

If you’re looking for a place with exceptional ramen, look no further than Nishikawa. This Japanese eatery not only boils their broth for 20 hours to get its signature creamy flavor, but it also makes fresh noodles by hand every day. Think you might want more than just a bowl of ramen? The Japanese-style tapas you can order — like the takoyaki, or pancake squid balls — will complete the experience.


4810 E Ray Rd Suite A-1, Phoenix, AZ 85044

At ORIGAMI, the main event is broth — as it is with all ramen. But ORIGAMI does it differently. Their creamy ramen dishes, apart from the clear vegetable-based soy broth, are all made from chicken! Recognized for this tori paitan broth, this ramen joint also serves hand rolls made by the founder and famous sushi chef, Yusuke Koroda. If you’re looking for an experience crafted by an authentic Japanese culinary expert, this is your next stop.

SoSoBa Phoenix

214 W Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

With craft cocktails and ramen that really mixes it up, SoSoBa has become a local favorite for a reason. Take “The Mic Drop”, which has udon noodles, pork belly, and carnitas — or the “Hostile Takeover”, which earns its name with Thai basil and bulgogi beef, among other ingredients. Each unconventional noodle dish makes for a strong case as to why SoSoBa is right for your next meal out — or your next meal in, because they also deliver. Wink, wink.

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Clever Koi

4236 N Central Ave #100, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Whether it’s the Cashew Vegan Ramen, starring a lemongrass broth and grilled tofu, or the Lemon Pepper Chicken Ramen with szechuan peppercorn, daikon, and lemon jam on crispy chicken breast, there’s always a way to test the boundaries of ramen-eating at Clever Koi. This spot also features Asian cuisine of various other types, including pad thai, chow mein, or bao filled with crab, pork, or kimchi and cauliflower!

Yutaka Japanese Restaurant

751 E Bell Rd #9, Phoenix, AZ 85022

You can go with the classics, like their Tonkotsu Ramen, or you can jump into something different like the Spicy Seafood Yaki Udon — whatever you choose, the noodles at Yutaka are supreme. That’s why they’re also a great choice for those who want a sizzling beef, chicken, or salmon teriyaki dish. Oh, and did we mention the long list of sushi rolls you can choose from, both crazy and classic alike?

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant

4921 E Ray Rd Suite B1, Phoenix, AZ 85044

Ready for some really good “RA”men? RA Sushi Bar Restaurant is a great place to start. Yes, they have sushi. Yes, they have sashimi salads, poke bowls, and even a Coconut Crème Brûlée. But if you want something hot and hearty, the ramen dishes can’t be beat — including the Chili Miso Vegetable “RA”men and the Spicy Chicken “RA”men bowls.

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