6 Best Mexican Restaurants in Tucson, AZ

Because Tucson is so close to the Mexican border — about 60 miles to be exact — the city is ripe with an array of authentic Mexican food at almost every corner. From Sonoran hotdogs to street tacos, these are some of the best authentic Mexican restaurants in Tucson, AZ. Enjoy! 

Mi Nidito 

1813 S 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85713

With multiple awards, spots on national television shows, and a visit from Bill Clinton himself during his presidency, Mi Nidito restraint is one of the most beloved restaurants in all of Tucson and was named by Hispanic Magazine as one of the nations top Hispanic restaurants. Try their birria (shredded beef) or their famous chimichangas. Add a margarita to your order and enjoy the authentic Sonoran cuisine right here in Tucson! 

El Charro Cafe

311 N Court Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701

For more delicious Sonoran-style food, El Charro is next on our list. With Northern-Mexican and Tucson-style dishes, you will find a variety of dishes at this unique and award-winning restaurant that has been serving Tucson since 1922. Their Carne Seca Platter and Mole are very popular, but if you stop in on a Tuesday, make sure to try their Charro Street Taco Platter that includes fillings like Carnitas, Calabacitas, and Carne Asada, among others. 

El Güero Canelo Restaurant 

5201 S 12th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85706

Our next Mexican restaurant is so great, there are three of them — but we’ll include the original restaurant location. El Güero Canelo has such excellent food they have received a James Beard Award — the height of recognition for culinary excellence! They are best known for their Sonoran Style Hotdogs, which include a bacon-wrapped frank in a Mexican roll with tomatoes, onions, pinto beans, jalapeño sauce, and mayonnaise. Their tacos and tortas are also delicious, so check them out if you haven’t already! 

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El Minuto Cafe 

354 S Main Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701

El Minuto Cafe has been serving authentic Sonoran-style cuisine since the 1930s! They have some of the best Menudo in town and their cheese crisps — a large crispy tortilla smothered with cheese with toppings like carne seca, green chile, chicken, and so on — are to die for. The restaurant is cute and in a great location, so bring a date and enjoy! 

El Merendero

5443 S 12th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85706

If you are looking for the best Mexican food in Tucson, AZ, this destination serves everything from breakfast to seafood platters to cheesecake chimichangas. El Merendero has an extensive menu with delicious options the whole way through. Oh, did we mention their fabulous drink selections? Frozen margaritas, Micheladas, and imported and domestic beer. Their Camarones Empanizados dish (breaded shrimp with fries, beans, and rice) is super popular, so try them for yourself. They even have a kids’ menu that includes options for your picky little eater. 

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Taqueria Pico De Gallo

2618 S 6th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85713

The Sonoran-style street food served at Taqueria Pico De Gallo might become your new obsession. Not only is the food additive, but it’s also inexpensive. They are known for the tacos they have been serving since the ’90s, but even their burros and soups are insanely good. They also have Raspados made with fresh fruit and a variety of drinks like their popular horchata and Mexican soda, as well as lemonades in flavors like watermelon, mango, jicama, etc. The space is intimate as they have limited seating, but we think you’ll enjoy it either way! 

Featured Image Credit: El Charro Cafe