15 Relatable Quarantine Memes Keeping Our Sanity Intact

In these trying times, having a good laugh is increasingly important. For everyone feeling the effects of the coronavirus (which has to be all of us in some way, right?), here is a list of relatable memes to help get you through your quarantine with your sanity intact.

That face when you realize your day-to-day life is everyone else’s quarantine.

We’re definitely past the spoiler period, right? Everyone gets this?

Maybe the best one yet! Who doesn’t love a dad joke or an inside joke?

Who you gonna call?

We bought all the toilet paper.


History repeating itself.

Beach-bod goals might be taking a backseat this year.


Sometimes life comes at you fast.


For those of us new to the webcam meeting world, welcome.


If she doesn’t get this, she’s too young for you, bro.


“Working on that TPS report as we speak, boss.”

Poker night is a tradition around these parts.

Maybe they’ll still get real participation trophies?

Next time someone tells me Circle K nachos aren’t healthy, I’m going to show them this.


It’s important to stick to your routines, especially in times of turmoil.

Looking For More Memes? We Have Them!

If you thought the memes above were funny, we’ve gathered a list of the top trending Coronavirus memes to help you keep your sanity during this rough time.

Coronavirus Memes