These Minneapolis Bars Are Coming to the Rescue With Cocktail Kits To Go

There’s much we miss from being able to stop in at our favorite bar; ordering a mixed drink after quarantine will have a certain nostalgic twinge. Rather than crack open a can or twist off a bottle cap, you can really feel as though you’re properly treating yourself when all the right elements come together in a carefully crafted cocktail. While the many bars and liquor stores of Minnesota can’t quite offer you an in-home bartender, they can at least supply you with everything you need to make your own mixed drink. Treat yourself at home with these seven cocktail kits from Minneapolis bars.

cocktail kits
Photo Credit: Lawless Distilling

Lawless Distilling Kits: ($45)

Lawless Distilling has quite a variety of cocktail kits, each making about eight cocktails. If you’re in the mood for something as beautiful as it is tasty, the Bouquet of Flowers is a nice choice for featuring hibiscus pomegranate elderflower syrup, fresh lemons, and a dehydrated starfruit garnish for that festive touch. Or if you like your drinks with a spicy kick, Don’t Curry About It has real bite with a candied ginger garnish. And if you’re in the mood for something extra fruity, go for the Sunbreak Spritz with its combination of watermelon cranberry syrup, Lawless/Bittercube Pink Gin Liqueur, Bittercube Jamaican No. 2 Bitters, and lemons.

Photo Credit: Norseman Distillery

Norseman Distillery Kits ($44)

Just because you’re locked in your house doesn’t mean it can’t feel like a staycation as the Norseman Distillery takes note of with their assembled Staycation Cocktail Kit. Each kit contains a 375ml bottle of Norseman Craft Spirit and four 375ml NA canned mixers which can be used to craft eight different kinds of cocktails, from the richly sweet Pineapple Blackberry SideCar (Pineapple, Oregon Blackberries, Lemon, Cane Sugar) to the fragrant Honey Rosemary & Basil Margarita (Clover Honey, Fresh Lime, Orange, Basil, Rosemary, Salt).

cocktail kits
Photo Credit: Minnesota Pure & Clear Ice Facebook

MN Pure & Clear Ice Bloody Mary Kit ($60)

If the weekend calls for a Bloody Mary, look no further than the cocktail kit offered by MN Pure & Clear. While certainly the more expensive of kits, everything you’ll need for the ultimate Bloody Mary is included here. This includes everything from Garden Variety Bloody Mary Mix to Cry Baby Craig’s Hot Sauce, as well as additions of Pickles & Seasoned Salt and Bison Beef Sticks. Best of all, the ingredients come from various Minnesota businesses so you’ll be supporting multiple places at once by purchasing this kit.

cocktail kits
Photo Credit: Earl Giles Facebook

Earl Giles (Various Mixes at $9-$45)

Haven’t heard of Earl Giles yet? They’re exceptionally new and have yet to open. While their doors are still closed for the moment, you can still order up some mixes to craft your own lovely drinks at home. Supplying everything from ginger beer to Mexican sugar simple syrup, their website offers plenty of materials as well as cocktail recipes to crafter anything from scratch.

Photo Credit: The Dampfwerk Distillery Facebook

Dampfwerk’s 2nd Generation Pear Cocktail Kit ($50)

If you want to feel extra classy while spending an evening indoors, Dampfwerk has you covered with a most elegant arrangement. The 2nd Generation Pear kit not only comes with everything needed to craft a Pear Brandy accented with ginger and lemon, but also a collection of fine cheeses that spans from goat cheese to aged gouda. Quite the romantic and refined assembly.

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Photo Credit: Spoon and Stable Facebook

Spoon and Stable ($25-$30)

Though Spoon and Stable offers plenty of takeout food as well, they also offer two cocktail kits. Their Rum Old Fashioned can craft 10 drinks for $30 and the Spring Tonic kit can serve 4 drinks at $25. Important note: Spoon and Sable does not include alcohol with these kits so be sure you have necessary hard ingredients on hand before ordering.

Photo Credit: Centro at Popol Vuh Facebook

Centro Cocktail Kits ($16)

As yet another establishment that is just as brimming with food as it is with drinks, Centro offers up two unique kits. If you’re seeking the sweet, try the Prickly Pear Margarita kit, made with prickly pear, lime juice, lime wheel; just add tequila and curaçao. Or if you’re more about the sour side of drinks, Morelos Sour fills that desire with a drink made of chipotle sour mix, lemon juice, worm salt, and bourbon.


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